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TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 5)
Welcome to Episode 5 of TurtleSpice ERP, our virtual ERP selection simulator!We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end

what is pimenton spice  . When we asked what you’d do in Mike’s shoes, you voted to go with a streamlined business process modeling (BPM) option geared toward defining business requirements for software selection . Gutsy, but this may not go so well: Wade Sharkey, TurtleSpice VP , has his own ideas about which ERP system to select. And with the CEO temporarily incommunicado , Mike has no executive backing whatsoever. Oh, and what’s Lola up to? Note: This episode contains (mildly) strong language. If you are offended by Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » what is pimenton spice

Reaching the Peak of CMMI: How Fast Can You Climb?
Implementing Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) at Maturity Level 5 enables an organization to optimize its performance. Learn about the critical

what is pimenton spice  their collective existence is what enabled the LG Insurance Sector to swiftly implement Maturity Levels 4 and 5 and have a successful appraisal. The most important success factor for LG was management commitment. Where LG CNS and the LG Insurance Sector excelled was that management commitment was not solely confined to the organizational unit, it was evident throughout LG CNS. Proper attention was given to staffing, resources, and necessary training from the corporate level all the way into each Read More
Challenges and User Recommendations for a Global Trading Solutions Provider on a Roll
The market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and one should only expect the intensity of competition to increase in the future. For the

what is pimenton spice  to the point of what the buyer needs—a quick order confirmation process and access to the status of the shipment. With a Web services-based architecture, this solution allows buyers to build on the infrastructure they already have in place, rather than to have to deploy a complex new system that most likely has at least some level of duplicate functionality. Still, on a general note, the complexity and specialization of the global sourcing space makes it hard for any aspiring vendor to handle all the Read More
Top 10 Reasons For Having A Project Kickoff - Part II
You are about to embark on an important project. Whether the project is software or hardware related, it is a good idea to hold a project kickoff meeting. Don’t

what is pimenton spice  through its paces, understand what they are getting into and how it will benefit them. With hardware, say a bar-code reading device and its accompanying technology, it is fairly easy to get their attention via this labor saving device. Set up of a couple bar-code products, create a pick list, confirm the pick list via the reader, and you can easily impress the audience. For that matter you can add a little levity to the affair by stacking the deck and conducting a pick list runoff to see which process, Read More
Can a Virtual Vuvuzela Help Make Your Voice Heard in the Social Media Universe?
It’s a really noisy world we’re living in, and the social media universe is no exception. Even with the tightest security settings and minimal online presence

what is pimenton spice  Episode 6 – 494 What Does , Work Then? Being creative means not only having great ideas, but also finding great ways to deliver them to your audience. You need to surprise your audience and make them feel they’re a part of the show . The first set of Old Spice videos brought millions of views, with success being primarily due to the fact that they released more videos in response to the feedback they received from celebrities and non-celebrities alike. But great ideas may not translate into universal Read More
Culture Is a Business Issue
Company culture is unique and provides arguably the most sustainable competitive advantage an organization can have for distinguishing itself against the

what is pimenton spice  business culture, human capital management, corporate culture, human resources management Read More
UltiPro Is Now TEC certified
Ultimate Software's human resources (HR) solution UltiPro is now TEC Certified. Learn about the product's main differentiators in the market, and more.

what is pimenton spice  HR software, HR solution, Ultimate Software, UltiPro, TEC certification Read More
Baan Company N.V. - Is the Worst Over?
Year 1999 will be extremely challenging; We predict minor revenue growth (max. 5%). Break-even net income is the most optimistic scenario. Year 2000 and after -

what is pimenton spice  baan,baan crm,baan implementation,baan mrp,baan software,baan support,baan system,erp baan,ssa baan,enterprise software vendor,enterprise software vendors,selection process scope,software development implementation,software implementation,software implementation approach Read More
Slap'n'Ship: Is This Any Way To Do RFID?
Here's the dilemma. Your largest customer has mandated that, to continue doing business with you, product shipped to their distribution centers must be encoded

what is pimenton spice   Read More
Is Daily Defragmentation Needed in Today’s Environment?
The exponential growth of storage requirements is driven by the increased complexity and size of applications, operating systems, and data. In this environment

what is pimenton spice   Read More
Kerridge K8 Is Now TEC Certified
TEC is pleased to announce that K8 by Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is now TEC Certified for evaluation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) for

what is pimenton spice   Read More
What Does Having a Paperless Office Really Mean?
Establishing a paperless office may appear to be a daunting task, but if you understand your operational goals, and if you know what to expect from a paperless

what is pimenton spice  Paperless Office Really Mean? What Does Having a Paperless Office Really Mean? N'Gai Cobb - November 14, 2007 Like anything else, making the change from a paper-oriented office environment to a paperless office has both advantages and disadvantages (please see the first part of this series So, You're Considering a Paperless Office? ). However, if armed with a thorough understanding of its operations and a solid implementation plan, an organization can make the switch to a paperless office less painful. I Read More
What Is ERP, Anyway?
We get asked this question a lot, so I thought I'd provide a brief overview.Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software unifies traditional management

what is pimenton spice  Is ERP, Anyway? We get asked this question a lot, so I thought I'd provide a brief overview. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software unifies traditional management functions within a coherent, integrated system. These management functions may vary from product to product, but comprehensive ERP software applications encompass the following areas: • sales • marketing • human resources • customer care • finance • manufacturing • supply chain management • IT management The integration Read More
What Makes a Green Supply Chain?
The Green PhilosophyThere has been so much hype about “green” that many organizations are adopting it, but what is “green”, really? We hear and see it

what is pimenton spice  are adopting it, but what is “green”, really? We hear and see it everywhere—in the food we eat (green beans), during our morning routine (green contact lenses), on our way to work (green traffic lights), in our down time (green tea), and during the course of our work day (green initiatives).  Green initiatives can be seen in every industry and every sector: from marketing to engineering, from infrastructure to architecture, from supply chain to technology, and more.  Green is state of mind which Read More
Help Is on the Line for Call Center Challenges
Call centers typically struggle with two major issues: ensuring high quality multi-channel communication and dealing with high employee turnover.Multi

what is pimenton spice   Read More

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