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10 Warning Signs that Your ERP System Is Killing Your Business
Discover 10 warning signs that your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is killing your business. We'll change your mind about erp system. Today’s manufacturers face rising costs, increased competition, and changing customer requirements. If their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are not up to par, these companies face dizzying levels of complexity, duplicated effort, and poor product quality and customer service. Learn how to tell whether your ERP system is killing your business, and how a new approach to business systems can help you thrive.

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2/24/2010 12:55:00 PM

The Roaring Penguin Training Network
The Roaring Penguin Training Network: a mechanism for sharing Bayes votes among CanIt products. Bayesian spam filtering clearly and simply explained. A recent paper presented evidence that Bayesian filtering could be effective using a shared Bayes database, even among hundreds or thousands of different users. This lead to the Roaring Penguin Training Network (RPTN), a mechanism for sharing Bayes votes among different CanIt customers. This white paper describes the Roaring Penguin Training Network (RPTN).

WESLO CADENCE: Meeting tomorrow Hi, everyone. We ll meet tomorrow in the boardroom to discuss RPTN. Please bring the notes from the design meeting last week; I ll supply coffee and muffins. Regards, David. The message would result in the following signature being submitted to RPTN: David:1;I ll:1;I ll+supply:1;Please:1;Please+bring:1;RPTN:1; RPTN+Please:1;Regards:1;Regards+David:1;We ll:1;We ll+meet:1; boardroom:1;boardroom+discuss:1;bring:1;bring+notes:1;coffee:1;
3/11/2010 3:25:00 PM

Project-oriented Software: Many Choices, Many Differences
Professional service organizations sell not just time, but knowledge. Thus, in addition to time and expense management, a business management software product must support a means for knowing how this knowledge is tracked, assigned, managed, and billed. But which product?

WESLO CADENCE: costing and project management, we ll focus on four leading products. In the first of a two-part series we ll look at Deltek Vision , as well as Deltek FMS , recently acquired from Wind2 Software . In the second part of the series, User Recommendations for Project-oriented Software , we ll also examine Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly known as Solomon ) and BST Enterprise . Industry Requirements Depending on the size of the professional service organization (PSO) (we ll use this term to describe any firm

A Customer Relationship Management Solution Aims To Cover all the Bases
Surado Solutions aims to provide a complete customer relationship management suite. We'll analyze Surado CRM 5.0 from the perspectives of core functionality, its distinguishing factors, and the challenges users may face when considering the Surado solution.

WESLO CADENCE: Economic Development Agency . We ll analyze Surado CRM 5.0 from the perspectives of core CRM functionality, look at some of its distinguishing factors, and discuss some of the challenges users may face when considering Surado CRM for small to midsized businesses. Core Functionality of Surado CRM 5.0 Core CRM functionality covers five aspects: contact and account management sales management marketing management customer service and support integration The figure below is a TEC-created table comparing

ROI: Are You Ready to Walk The Walk?
ROI marketing is just starting to become mainstream. ROI selling is already out there, further advanced in adoption because of its perceived relevance to the selling process. It won't be long before several B2B software companies position their products as providing a superior ROI. Read on to find out if it's the right position to claim.

WESLO CADENCE: not too distant future, we ll see a B2B software vendor develop a positioning statement and message strategy to support a claim such as, XYZ product saves you more time and money or XYZ software gives you a better return on your investment. Will it be a smart thing to do? The short answer is no even if the company making the claim has the ROI facts to support it. That s because an ROI claim won t be unique for very long, and soon you re in a spitting contest. I cannot count the number of software ve

With Commerce One, Your Reach May Be The Same As Your Grasp
Commerce One has announced a broad range of initiatives aimed at extending its E-procurement solutions and technology across the supply chain. The company announced that this completes its procurement offerings; what will it do next?

WESLO CADENCE: for Commerce One, and we ll be surprised if others are not close behind. We expect Ariba to make a similar announcement at its mid-March Users Group meeting, and to see both SAP and Oracle follow suit by year-end. It is also quite possible that traditional supply chain vendors will attempt to add E-procurement capabilities to their offerings, perhaps by buying a mid-market procurement company. We are quite interested in Commerce One s cryptic comment that the new direct materials solution completes the c

Contemporary Business Intelligence and Its Main Components
Business intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process by allowing a company to manipulate corporate data for decision-making. But what exactly are the primary components of BI?

WESLO CADENCE: use the available tools. We ll look at the main BI components, and at the way BI tools can be applied within an organization. Contemporary BI Solutions Contemporary BI solutions enable business users to author, publish, and distribute enterprise reports via a fully integrated report writer, with an easy-to-use report creation wizard. Users can also customize and tailor reports to specific information needs. Report writing and graphing capabilities should enable even nontechnical users to create and share

10 Keys to Selecting the Right Employee Compensation Software
10 Keys to Selecting the Right Employee Compensation Software. Find Solutions and Other Applications for Your Decision Linked to Employee Compensation Software. To get around the limitations of their existing payroll systems, many companies are still using spreadsheets and homegrown applications for compensation management. Human resources (HR) system providers have responded by offering compensation administration functionality as part of their integrated HR solutions. Discover 10 critical things to look for when considering a compensation administration tool for your company.

WESLO CADENCE: and simplify the administration. We ll work with you to refine your process, deliver according to your exact requirements and at a price that will achieve an ROI that can be measured in months, not years. For more information, contact us at 925-459-2595 or info@laserbeamsoftware.com Searches related to 10 Keys to Selecting the Right Employee Compensation Software : Compensation Software | Incentive Compensation | Compensation Plans | Software Compensation | Compensation Data Admin | Link Performance and C
12/29/2008 3:26:00 PM

Lean Simplified: Part 1
Take advantage of expertise about lean manufacturing. With all the discussion, books, Web sites, and other materials on the topic of lean manufacturing, it’s hard to know which resources are credible—much less understand the mounds of information. The first part of this series breaks down the definition of lean manufacturing into easy-to-digest concepts and shares the real-life example of a supplier of remanufactured solvents that is working toward the goal of lean. Get tips on how to determine what you need in your production operation and why.

WESLO CADENCE: it really means. First, we ll look at identifying and eliminating waste. Various resources have identified slightly different numbers and specific types of waste, but generally speaking, they all fall consistently within the following easy-to-remember acronym: D = Defects and Rework O = Overproduction W = Waiting (Idle Time) N = Non-Value Added Procedures T = Transportation I = Inventory M = Motion E = Employees Under Utilized Defects and rework is probably one of the most easily identifiable wastes becau
7/14/2009 11:53:00 AM

The Data Explosion
RFID and wireless usage will drive up data transactions by ten fold over the next few years. It is likely that a significant readdressing of the infrastructure will be required--in the enterprise and the global bandwidth.

WESLO CADENCE: of go together. But we ll explore a few thoughts around this data explosion. Number of Transactions Global trade is increasing the number of shipments by 7 to 8 percent each year. Embedded within this process is also the need to trace, track, and secure these shipments. Hybrid devices are already in use and their deployment is growing. Containers in Hong Kong, Oakland bound, are bonded with active RFID and GPS devices that secure and track the shipment all the way to the customer. Smart Secure Trade Lanes

The Three Cs of Successful PositioningPart Two: The Channel
One of the most effective and efficient ways to develop a successful marketing position for B2B software is to begin with the sales channel, especially if you have limited time and resources.

WESLO CADENCE: of this multipart series, we ll explore what you can learn from your channel, and how to use information from it in the positioning process. This article series has been adapted from a series of workshops held in Seattle, Washington (US) and throughout the US. This is part two of a multipart-part article. Part One discussed the customer and positioning. Start With Your Channel To speed up the positioning process, start with your channel. There are obvious benefits to maintaining good relations with your c

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