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Perfect Orders: Improving Customer Satisfaction and Financial Results
Manufacturers and distributors must keep two groups satisfied—customers and owners. They are connected—what improves the satisfaction of one group can impact

user defined metrics with calculated results  services to both end user and supplier organizations. He can be reached at OT@Process-ERP.com . Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » user defined metrics with calculated results

Contemporary Business Intelligence and Its Main Components
Business intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process by allowing a company to manipulate corporate

user defined metrics with calculated results  database layer that allows user applications to access and query data as if it resided in a single database. In other words, the concept takes the existing database capability to merge a query across different tables, but on a virtual basis, shielding users from the underlying complexities of locating, querying, and joining data from varied data source systems. EII is a fundamentally different approach to such data integration technologies as enterprise application integration (EAI), which provides data o Read More
SYSPRO - Awaiting Positive IMPACT From Its Brand Unification
By further perfecting its mid-market value proposition and by also unifying its corporate and product brands (i.e., often conflicting IMPACT Encore product

user defined metrics with calculated results  cover Challenges and make User Recommendations. SYSPRO e.net solutions Based on Microsoft .NET architecture and the XML standard, SYSPRO e.net solutions forms the foundation of SYSPRO 6.0. It is a component-based architecture designed to provide a cost-effective way for SYSPRO customers to directly access the business functionality within the SYSPRO solution, integrate best-of-breed applications, maximize business-to-business (B2B) trading and leverage wireless connectivity, while maintaining the software Read More
SAP Users Speak Out on Credit and Collections Shortcomings
A recent survey of companies which have implemented SAP Accounts Receivable reveal more than a few areas where the system failed to deliver. Although nearly all

user defined metrics with calculated results  be from the 1970s. User Recommendations Most ERP systems provide a good deal of breadth, but rarely do they offer sufficient depth of functionality in every area for every industry. This reality provides Value Added Resellers a livelihood filling gaps in ERP functionality and services. While SAP and other vendors have made moves toward assimilating parts of their VAR networks, it seems that, for credit and collections, SAP's VARs have little to worry about. In addition to VARs, there are various other Read More
The Magic Behind Planning and Executing (Optimal) Service Supply Chains - Part 3
Part 1 of this series established that service supply chains have many planning levels and time horizons, which can be roughly divided into the following

user defined metrics with calculated results  you are an existing user) or in your general interest in evaluating these solutions as prospective customers. Read More
IBM Announces IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data
IBM has announced IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data, an offering that combine big data analytics with security intelligence capabilities for addressing

user defined metrics with calculated results   Read More
Managing Risks Associated with Outsourcing
Strategic cost reduction has been a focus area for financial institutions (FIs), with outsourcing emerging as a very attractive option lately. But outsourcing

user defined metrics with calculated results   Read More
What to Do with Your Legacy PBX
Enterprises will benefit from migrating from their legacy PBX systems and realizing the cost savings and simplified management with VoIP technology. But should

user defined metrics with calculated results  legacy PBX system,IP telephony,Internet Protocol PBX,VoIP,voice over Internet Protocol,VoIP system,VoIP services,BYOD,bring your own device,BYOD and VoIP,unified messaging,unified communications,VoIP virual workplace,Compare Business Products Read More
Plumtree Fuels Growth With New Corporate Portal Product
Plumtree Software recently released Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.0, a new version of its portal product with a significant number of new “gadgets” and increased

user defined metrics with calculated results  responsible for providing the user with a carefully chosen subset of the functionality of a specific business application. A Plumtree representative told TEC that 90% of users typically use only 5% of the functionality provided by a business application. The gadget provides that 5% of the functionality through a browser. Figure 2 is a screenshot of the list of gadgets in a user's portal web page. The gadgets are the sub-windows titled, Threaded Discussion, Task List, Document Management, Plumtree Read More
AMD Hooks Up with Transmeta - For Now
Advanced Micro Devices, Intel’s main CPU competition, has teamed up with Transmeta – another Intel competitor – in an effort to speed development on its

user defined metrics with calculated results  get MS on board. User Recommendations Users who believe Intel first, last, and always will have no interest in this announcement. Users willing to consider an AMD 64-bit processor - especially if Itanium slips much more - will want to keep in touch with AMD's progress in this arena. A 64-bit processor which can run legacy 32-bit applications provides some compelling economies for companies on a tight upgrade budget. The caveat , as mentioned before, is that Microsoft may not get on board until very Read More
QueryObject Partners With Cognos
On November 15, QueryObject Systems announced that it has partnered with Cognos Corporation to create and market a high-capacity analytical data mart accessible

user defined metrics with calculated results  across their extended enterprise. User Recommendations Customers evaluating business intelligence and e-business solutions should consider the combined offering of QueryObject and Cognos. Companies looking to make business intelligence purchases should keep in mind that they may not use the Internet as the access method for data analysis now, but all of the industry trends indicate that every business will be forced in that direction to stay competitive. Therefore an Internet-based solution, like the Read More
Manhattan Associates Partners with Intentia
A new alliance between Manhattan Associates and Intentia is aimed at complementing ERP with warehouse and transportation management capabilities for clients in

user defined metrics with calculated results  of its Movex suite. User Recommendations Mid-sized U.S. companies with distribution-intensive requirements in the consumer goods, food & beverage, and apparel industries who need enhanced warehouse or transportation management capabilities along with enterprise applications should include both PkMS and Movex on their short lists. Taken separately, each solution offers a rich set of features in its area of focus. The integration potential promised by the announced partnership has yet to be delivered or Read More
UNIT4 Partners with Amazon to Expand Cloud Capabilities
UNIT4, a cloud-focused business software  and services company, has announced a partnership with Amazon, one of the top global providers of cloud services

user defined metrics with calculated results  an extensive number of users and provide its services in compliance with US regulations using one of the most important cloud platform providers in North America. Amazon, on the other hand, will be expanding its business software portfolio with an important provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other enterprise solutions. Jack van der Velde, director of IT Solutions at UNIT4, stated: Amazon is the ideal partner for us—AWS is leading the way having launched at least 90 significant product Read More
Better Discovery Better Results
System solutions must be aligned to business needs. Unfortunately, current approaches for providing system solutions have a fatal flaw--their approach to

user defined metrics with calculated results  system,methods,approach,Pebble,choose,hint Read More
ERP User Satisfaction Survey: Summary
In 2011, 1,923 participants from 17 countries responded to a survey on enterprise resource planning (ERP) user satsifaction. Download this summary report to

user defined metrics with calculated results  User Satisfaction Survey: Summary In 2011, 1,923 participants from 17 countries responded to a survey on enterprise resource planning (ERP) user satsifaction. Download this summary report to learn their motivations for implementing a new ERP system, the objectives they were pursuing, the main problems they experienced during implementation, and an overall ERP satisfaction barometer. Read More

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