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Documents related to » sears automotive

Retailers Join Forces for a Make or Break Attempt in Their Competitive Landscape
Today's competitive retail landscape has lead to mega-mergers between some of the oldest retailers in the US: Kmart and Sears. Before the technical issues of merging disparate supply chain systems can be addressed, these giants first had had to get their business

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: agreement to form the Sears Holdings Corporation. What is interesting, is not that Sears Holdings will become the US third largest retailer, with approximately $55 billion in annual revenues, 2,350 full-line and off-mall stores, and 1,100 specialty retail stores. It is how they will merge two disparate information technology departments and supply chains. Part One of the Retailers Join Forces for a Make or Break Attempt Their Competitive Landscape series. The issue isn t that they offer diametrically

The Challenge of Fulfillment
Integrated multichannel retailing will inevitably become the norm. For retailers, the key to multichannel success lies in understanding the factors that drive revenues and the ability to fulfill Web orders. Other challenges center around electronic integration, visibility, and exception management.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: online-and-pickup-in-store effort. Although Sears , Roebuck and Co (merged with Kmart ) reportedly did not sell anything online until 1997, (and although it did not have more than one product category until 1999), the company s strategy from the beginning of the Internet revolution was to at least maintain one face to the customer—to make sure there was no rift between the online Sears and the offline Sears. That is to say that Sears lets products bought online be picked up at stores; it lets

Merging Disparate IT Systems and Exploiting Multichannels
Astute IT strategies should help any company develop a strong competitive advantage whether it be improved time-to-market, better insights about customers behavior and preferences, or to devise a more efficient supply chain. This should be embraced by Sears Holding and Federation/May.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: will be indispensable for Sears Holdings , which will be created when Kmart Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:KMRT) and Sears , Roebuck and Co . (NASDAQ:S) complete their merger. Yet, so far, neither merging party has been a dominant force in any retail segment and neither are they known for their respective IT or supply chain management (SCM) proficiency. They have only had sporadic investments in some applications with less than limited success (to put it mildly). An astute IT strategy should help any

Improving and Expanding: The Road Ahead for a Drop-ship Facilitator
CommerceHub may be destined for leadership in collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment; trade promotions; new product design and introduction; sourcing and procurement; and so on. But given its current size and low global brand recognition, it is not there yet.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: logistics, and legacy systems. Sears reportedly has one vendor master file that holds payment terms, contact information, electronic data interchange (EDI) routing and setup information, insurance requirements, and so on. In the field of product information management (PIM), Sears has worked closely with QRS (now part of Inovis) to address the problem of global data synchronization (GDS) between retailers and suppliers. Accurate product descriptions, specifications, pictures, and so forth, should give

TradeStone Software STARS 2013: Retail Rocks! Part 1 » The TEC Blog
express store for pickup), Sears mygofer , and Amazon Locker . Trajectory: User Marketing Will Be the Next Shopper Marketing Coordinate #1—Going post point of sale (POS). Every retailer is a media company, whereby content is branding, e.g., Apple , Google , and Amazon are vast content ecosystems. Coordinate #2—Retailer-managed content and marketing (versus those vendor managed). There is even the future possibility that retailers might sell their big data insights to their partners. Coordinate

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: Carol Spieckerman, Leslie Hand, merchandise lifecycle management, multichannel retailing, omnichannel retailing, Retail Rocks!, retail software, Simplifying Technology Around Retailers and Suppliers, STARS, tradestone software, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

i2 Will Come Out Ahead In Kmart Deal
While many retailers acquire advanced technology for their supply chains in order to stay ahead of competition, Kmart is doing it just to stay in business.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: Stores, JC Penney Co., Sears and others among its peers in the retail industry, Kmart has expanded to the Internet and is recognizing the importance of an efficient fulfillment infrastructure for success, albeit somewhat belatedly. The storm seemed to set in quickly on the 100-year old discount retailer. Beginning in 1996, Kmart enjoyed a succession of improved earnings performances culminating in the fourth quarter of 1999 in which it netted earnings of $ 633 million. This streak came to an abrupt end

Geac Hopes To See System21 Shine Again Like Aurora
By stabilizing its financial situation and by focusing on customer service beyond reproach and on its major product’s collaborative enhancements, in part through acquisitions, Geac hopes to overcome a lingering general feeling that it had passed up an opportunity to be a top-notch applications vendor.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: , May department stores, Sears , Roebuck and Co. , Target stores, Mervyn s and Wal-Mart , and specialty retailers Eddie Bauer , Charming Shoppes , and Foot Locker . Ghim Li has 13 manufacturing operations located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Fiji and Guatemala, and sales & marketing offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. The system is seen to support Ghim Li s move towards the centralization of finance, purchasing and production planning, with the result of soon being

Oracle Flying High on Q3 Report: Is Gold All That Glitters?
On March 15, shares of Oracle surged after the company plowed past Wall Street estimates and reported strong database software sales fueling a solid third-quarter profit. However, Oracle has also confirmed that it is refocusing its European applications division and has hinted that it may reduce the unit's workforce.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: formed an alliance with Sears and Carrefour, two of the world s largest merchants, to match up retailers and suppliers. Ellison said he expects the company to grab a greater chunk of the e-commerce software market. Everything runs on the Internet. We have a complete suite, Ellison said. Never has one company become dominant in a fragmented applications market. Think of this as Microsoft Office - one company with all the pieces that fit together. This spring, Oracle plans to release Web versions of

Inovis Delves into PIM by Snatching QRSPart Three: QRS Background
As Inovis and QRS now review the prospects for their combined business, they might acknowledge expecting continued decline in the existing EDI-VAN component of the QRS business, which represents roughly $66 million (USD) in revenues over the past twelve months.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: US (e.g., Lowe s , Sears , Best Buy , The Home Depot , etc.), five of the top seven retailers worldwide, ten of the top ten apparel and footwear companies worldwide (e.g., Adidas America , Reebok International , American Eagle Outfitters , etc.), ten of the top twelve department stores in the US (e.g., JC Penney , Neiman Marcus , Nordstrom , Sacks , etc.), and nine of the top ten supermarkets in the US ( Ahold , Albertsons , Kroger , etc.). Yet, in 2003, QRS experienced a decline in revenue from its

Collaborative Sourcing Solution Vendor Leaves No Stone Unturned
By layering across an organization's current infrastructure and building a sourcing system that needs hardly any training, TradeStone users anywhere can sign on and have the system handle all the intricacies of international trade (without ever experiencing its complexities).

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: Penney, Unisys Computer , Sears , Ames , Federated , Timberland , and UPS . The product was agnostic with respect to import, export, product, and country, and it lured all the old IMC customers to the new company. IMC never sold another software package, and eventually sank into oblivion. In contrast to IMC, RockPort was profitable virtually from its inception, thanks to its lucrative and value-adding consulting practice, and thanks also to the early critical mass of customers signing up, which all

At Last—A Complete (and Successful) RFID Implementation
A radio frequency identification implementation is a major undertaking for any organization—a project with ample risk of failure. This entire series is a step-by-step guide to the process, with this final part including a comprehensive glossary of key terms for better understanding.

SEARS AUTOMOTIVE: outlets like Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc. use this form of identification. This label format will become a complimentary technology to be used with RFID for maximum gains. Middleware : Middleware is the interface needed between the interrogator and the existing company databases and information management software. ONS : Object Naming Service ; allows communication with and identification of external trading partners. Passive tags : These are RFID tags activated by the electromagnetic waves of a reader.

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