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Expect Boom in Electronic Signatures
E-Pad deployment will skyrocket and make your fax machine obsolete. But don't expect all security experts to embrace electronic signatures as PKI solutions continue to be deployed. Nonetheless, even if electronic signatures are arguably less secure than PKI, less than optimal embedded security on E-pads will not likely affect the demand.

PADS: 90% probability that digital E-Pads will gain mainstream popularity in the next 24 months. This past July, the U.S. Congress became an early adopter of electronic signature technology, giving its stamp of approval, when they signed the Year2000 Readiness and Responsibility Act electronically. J. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, and Strom Thurmond, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, electronically signed H.R. 775 in order to present it to the President of the United States. They signed an Adobe PDF

Digital Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande
The U. S. Congress passed a bill making digital signatures legal in commerce. Canada's provinces are in the midst of taking the same action

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Aras Announces VPLM for Autodesk Vault » The TEC Blog
as Allegro, OrCAD, DxDesigner/DxDatabook, PADS, Expedition, Altium, Zuken CR-5000, and others. Free PLM? If a company wants to roll out a global PLM system and tweak it, Aras provides a great jump-start. Since Aras provide open source PLM software, many companies assume it is free and later complain about getting nickel and dimed for this partner product or that non-core PLM functionality. On the other hand, Autodesk Vault and PLM 360 are not free, and their integration is not always so smooth. I still

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Core PLM--Product Data Management - Discrete RFP Template

PADS: Core PLM--Product Data Management - Discrete RFP Template covers industry-standard functional criteria of Core PLM--Product Data Management - Discrete that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your Core PLM--Product Data Management - Discrete software project. Includes: Product Data Management (PDM),Engineering Change Order and Technology Transfer,Design Collaboration,Process and Project Management,Product Technology

Software Giants Make Courting A Small Guy Their Business One PriorityPart Three: Market Impact Continued
Trying to sell dumbed-down versions of mySAP Business Suite, Oracle E-Business Suite, without a serious re-engineering of these products, has not worked for the lower-end of the market. To date, Oracle and SAP have responded by acquiring more suitable genuine products for the segment, while it is not unlikely to see PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards follow suit in the future.

PADS: or even managers pocket paper-pads and post-it notes, does not guarantee any vendor an easy ride. That has been proven by a number of trials-and-errors, and consequent strategy reiterations that the larger enterprise vendors have espoused during last several years. As well known and much publicized, the major factors of success in business applications for the mid market segment have traditionally been price, speed of implementation, vertical focus, product scalability and scope expandability, and a

Cookie-cutter Solutions Won t Cut It with the Mid-Market Part One: Historical Relationships
Small enterprises, like their bigger brethren, need some differentiation means in the market, and that will not be achieved by implementing a cut-and-dried business solution in a

PADS: queries, or even the pads of paper and the post-it notes of managers. This has been proven by a number of trials-and-errors and through the subsequent strategy reiterations espoused by larger enterprise vendors during the last several years. Namely, several creative pricing tweaks (often at incredulously high discounts), software repackaging, hosting arrangements, channel strategy revisions, and so on, have resulted, with limited success for large vendors, in tier-dropping initiatives. For example,

Product Note: Aras Innovator
Aras Innovator, a PLM solution, is the only enterprise open source solution available within the PLM market. Read this product note to learn what this solution has to offer. Aras Innovator is the only enterprise open source solution available on the PLM market. This product note analyzes the strengths and challenges that the solution has and makes recommendations to both the vendor and potential users.

PADS: integrations: Allegro, Altium, OrCAD, PADS, DxDesigner/DxDatabook, Zuken, and others   Aras markets its solutions to companies in a wide range of industries primarily in the discrete manufacturing sector, including aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial equipment, high tech/electronics, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical/medical devices. The company’s PLM solution is currently used in 124 countries by companies of all sizes. Examples of Aras customers include Motorola, XEROX, Freudenberg,
3/18/2010 11:52:00 AM

Customer Relationship Management StrategiesPart Two: Creating Your Strategy
CRM system can increase your profits and build customer loyalty by streamlining your processes and provide better quality products and services. However, you first must be prepared to overcome lack of requirements, combat scope creep, and compensate for lack of skills.

PADS: motivate usage. Customized mouse pads with exciting graphics or motivational phrases help to help to encourage users. Bright, user-friendly overlays prompt users of keyboard shortcuts. Small, laminated quick reference guides help users to remember key procedures. Weekly or monthly themes can highlight certain CRM goals. For example, your company wants to understand why customers call into your technical support line, if you would want to increase usage of the call log feature of your CRM application.

PLM RFP Template

PADS: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Comprehensive RFP Template covers industry-standard functional criteria of PLM that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your PLM software project. Includes:ore PLM for both discrete and process industries (Engineering Change Management, Data Vaulting, BOM Management, Recipe Management, Product Cost Estimation, etc.), Product Development and Portfolio Management, Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), Ideation & Requirements Management, Service Data Management, Regulatory and Compliance, and Application Technology

Making the Move: What to Do When You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks
Making The Move : What To Do When You've Outgrown QuickBooks. Find Free Guides and Other Solutions to Define Your Systems Implementation In Relation To the QuickBooks. Your old solution provided the basic bookkeeping capabilities you needed to start your company. But now, you have more customers. More employees. More complexity. What do you do when your small business is no longer so small? Before you make the move to a more powerful accounting solution, you should gather the facts and compare solutions. Get started with 37 tips for finding the accounting solution that fits your needs.

PADS: the bronze, carbides, cross pads, and other materials required for Parmenter s manufacturing processes. When the company is ready to set it up, the system will also send reordering alerts when stocks become low. Better Profitability Sage BusinessWorks lets us track when a product is ordered, when it goes to the foundry, when it returns, what it weighs, when a customer makes a deposit, and when they pay off their account in full, says Parmenter. The job costing feature allows us to monitor the exact
11/17/2008 9:45:00 AM

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software Evaluation Report

PADS: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software Evaluation Report allows you to compare and analyze the features, functions, and services of multiple enterprise software solutions. Vendor responses are comprehensively rated on their level of support of for each criterion (supported, not supported, customization, future releases, etc.) to ensure you make and accurate and informed decision.

Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for a Password Fortification Authentication. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. The Internet is having an identity crisis. Long regarded as a powerful tool for cost reduction and service enhancement, the Internet is falling short of its promise because of the real and perceived threat of identity theft. Financial losses and insurance costs are mounting, as organizations struggle to protect their information perimeters and improve the strength of their authentication systems to ensure that the authorized user is present during the sign-in process. The widespread use and misuse of passwords as authentication tokens is generally cited as a cause of the accelerating erosion of user confidence and the increasing incidence of identity theft. It is generally agreed that passwords are not enough. Much has been lost, however, in the race toward person-present authentication systems. While the application of passwords is fraught with risk, the introduction of complex authentication infrastructures and cumbersome end user technology has eroded usability and increased the cost of security dramatically. This paper describes a new authentication approach that retains the simplicity and low cost of passwords, while gracefully introducing as much person-present assurance as is required by the application.

PADS: strengths of one- time pads. Wetmetrics harnesses the user?s own wetware to act as a covert authentication mechanism - the user is unaware how their own wetware works - to build a model of the user so that unlearned questions can be used to authenticate the user. We expect implementations of Wetmetrics enabled authentication systems to be found compliant with the very strongest standards in the industry. While these compliance audits and analyses continue, we have restricted ourselves here to the more
9/17/2005 12:03:00 PM

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