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Making the Team Work
Early in the campaign, the important thing is to get all your team members on the same page, share available knowledge, and plan ways to gather other required information. The first few meetings should be formal, with a printed agenda, including clear goals and time constraints. This process, of course, is called

MICROCADAM: your sales plan in microcosm: (1) situation assessment, (2) objectives (yours and theirs), (3) strategy, and (4) tactics. You and your team members must understand all four components. What are your roles during a meeting or presentation? That depends on you, your team, the audience, what your objectives are, where you are in your selling cycle, and the venue. The first thing you must do is prepare, prepare, prepare. Here are some pointers: Before the meeting, contact the prospect to come up with a

Intranets: A World of Possibilities
An intranet precisely built can thoroughly simplify work processes and provide a repository of all internal, electronic data. It empowers employees and reduces the waste that paper-based documents create

MICROCADAM: intranet is roughly a microcosm of the Internet. It functions on a browser-based platform that manages many of internal functions and work processes of an organization. The difference is access-the owner holds the key. Generally, access is limited to employees within an organization, but can be extended to vendors, clients, or anyone else authorized by the intranet s administrator. Controlling access and ensuring security become important issues, particularly for a financial institution. An intranet

The Instant Supply Chain Challenge
For the past few weeks, all eyes (and hearts) have been on the devastation caused by the Indian Ocean Tsunami. What is needed in a disaster like this is an

MICROCADAM: felt this was a microcosm of the challenges facing the overall relief effort. People crying out into the universe how can I help? with seemingly random chances of anyone who could actually use their help hearing. Another small example I saw[1] in the paper: a Buddhist monk and community leader in Sri Lanka expressed frustration We compiled a complete list of damage in every village in this district and a list of what materials are needed where. But not one government officer or aid persona has been

Predictive Demand Supply
If you're in the supply chain business, right up there with Newton's law of gravity stands Murphy's other law stipulating that demand and supply, if left to their own tendencies, will always tend to diverge and get you in trouble. Welcome to the world of predictive demand and supply planning whose mission is to predict imbalances as far in advance as possible, in order to provide ample time and opportunity to design and implement corrective sales and operations solutions. So how do we design a system for identifying potential issues and expressing them via a commonly understood key process indicator (KPI) where the cause and effect of our actions can be readily measured? Read this article by the former director of Dell's operations and demand management.

MICROCADAM: fulfillment as an intra-enterprise microcosm of this same issue—how can two functional links in the chain express their interactions with metrics that are commonly understood, forward looking, and preventive in nature. If we are not successfully integrated within the enterprise, then optimization of external links in the supply chain will fail proportionally. In the Parallax view however, if we can change our orientation to the problem, we can achieve a new view that provides new direction. Traditional

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