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The Convergent Mediation Solution--Competitive Advantage Enabler
The notion of having disparate mediation systems in today’s service oriented telecommunications industry is no longer valid. The accurate and timely knowledge

informative essay  providers in making more informative assessment of vendor solutions in their quest for the holy grail in mediation. 3.1. Functions of a Good Mediation Platform In an evolving environment where network convergence (IP and TDM) continues to dominate the playing field, the mediation layer needs to perform the following key selected functions: Network Data Collection The mediation engine needs to be able to collect event data from disparate network elements dynamically in real- time or near real-time. In Read More
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Documents related to » informative essay

Welcome to ERP - Distribution Showdown! Epicor Enterprise vs. JDA Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Suite vs. Pronto Xi
I'm Larry Blitz, editor of Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC) Vendor Showdown series. Welcome to our latest: ERP - Distribution Showdown. You’ll notice this

informative essay  today's Showdown helpful and informative, and invite your comments and questions at showdown@technologyevaluation.com . Introduction Today's Showdown compares ERP - distribution solutions Epicor Enterprise , JDA Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Suite , and Pronto Xi . All the results you see here are taken from TEC's newly published Mid-Market ERP-Distribution Buyer's Guide , a comprehensive industry guide to ERP - distribution, transportation management systems (TMSs), warehouse management systems Read More
Selecting an ERP Solution: a Guide
Looking for the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) package for your small to medium business (SMB) can be a daunting task. A fair amount of information is

informative essay  Many of them have informative white papers to help you address your specific needs. Just realize that advertising dollars heavily influence any software rankings these websites provide or any products that they recommend for consideration. So the reality is that you need to do your own research. But much of your work is already done: You have a list of goals, the platform you want to run on, an approximate number of users defined, and you know your business model. Start searching the Internet with your Read More
Customer Relationship Management Showdown: Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Oncontact CRM vs. SageCRM
For this Showdown, we looked at all three of the main CRM modules: sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service and support. To eliminate

informative essay  Vendor Showdown helpful and informative, and we invite your comments and questions at showdown@technologyevaluation.com . Introduction Given that sales and customer retention are the lifeblood of any organization, we thought we’d take a closer look at three of the leading mid-market CRM solutions. Two of them, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SageCRM, come from large, integrated vendors, while the third, Oncontact CRM, comes from a smaller, best-of-breed vendor that offers CRM solutions only. Sage's CRM solut Read More
Maximizer CRM Version 12 Gets TEC Certified
Headquartered in Vancouver, BC (Canada), with worldwide offices and business partners, privately owned Maximizer Software delivers customer relationship

informative essay  Scott. The demonstration was informative and focused on all of the new features (and there are plenty of them!) included in Version 12. John provided a thorough overview of each element of the product to satisfy the needs of TEC Certification. Click here to learn more about TEC Certification and the process that vendors go through to become TEC Certified. High-level Overview of Maximizer CRM 12 Maximizer’s target clientele are large to mid-market companies across many industry verticals including educat Read More
Savvion Inc. BusinessManager 7.5 for Business Process Management Certification Report
Savvion Inc.'s business process management solution, BusinessManager 7.5, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for organizations

informative essay  understand as well as informative. Visual presentation : The user interface is designed to improve productivity—changes made in the tabular view are automatically reflected in the diagram view of process models; swim lanes are colorcoded; process bottlenecks and critical paths are visually highlighted, etc. nformation retrieval I: Users can easily locate specific information through navigation, searches, and filters. E-mail interaction : Savvion BusinessManager provides two-way e-mail interaction Read More
Welcome to BI Showdown: Oracle Hyperion System 9 vs. Microsoft ProClarity vs. Exact Business Analytics
I'm Lyndsay Wise, senior research analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers. Welcome to another in TEC's series of enterprise software Vendor Showdowns. Today's

informative essay  Vendor Showdown helpful and informative, and invite your comments and questions at showdown@technologyevaluation.com . Introduction In the last couple of years, acquisitions within the business intelligence (BI) world have become commonplace. Much has been written about what this means for the industry and on how the consolidation of data integration and business performance management (BPM) vendors within BI will impact the industry as a whole. Customers may be left wondering what it will mean for them Read More
Three Cs of Successful Positioning: The Competition
Learn how to avoid the most deadly sin of all marketing—using the same position or a similar one as your competitor, and not knowing it.

informative essay  competitors, and created an informative table. Now, how do you decide if there is an unclaimed gap you can claim for your own? Follow Wee Willie Keeler's example, and hit it where they ain't. A table won't show where, but a map will—a perceptual map of the competitive landscape. Figure 2 below maps the positioning landscape for the software companies listed in the table. The axis labels represent abstractions based on the positioning statements found in the following vendors' recent advertising: Read More
Infinium Putting its Cards on the Table
On April 20, Infinium Software, a provider of Web-based enterprise solutions and services, announced that it introduced many significant new offerings at

informative essay  in addition to the informative and mingling nature of this kind of event. The company has traditionally delivered solid financial, human resources, materials management, and process manufacturing software applications, predominantly for users of the IBM AS/400 platform. It targets mid-sized companies and divisions of larger organizations within the following industries: hospitality & gaming, transportation, healthcare, retail, process manufacturing, and financial services. It is indisputably the leader Read More
Chemical Industry ERP Showdown: Infor vs. JD Edwards vs. Lawson vs. SAP vs. SSI
Today’s Showdown is based on an industry-specific case study. Five enterprise resource planning vendors were selected for the evaluation. All the results were

informative essay  Vendor Showdown helpful and informative, and we invite your comments and questions at showdown@technologyevaluation.com . Introduction Today's Showdown looks at an evaluation conducted by a company in the chemical industry. This company produces specialized ingredients for the food industry, and it was interested in evaluating a new, full-blown process ERP system to replace an outdated legacy system that had been patched together over a period of years. Five vendors were selected for the evaluation: Infor Read More
Understanding Business Intelligence and Your Bottom Line
But now you can get the straight facts on BI in the informative white paper understanding business intelligence and your bottom line.

informative essay  on BI in the informative white paper Understanding Business Intelligence and Your Bottom Line . In clear, straightforward language, this white paper will bring you up to speed on what BI is how it can help your business what is myth and hype—and what is BI reality how much BI you need for a small or midsized operation what are the guidelines for a low-cost, high-performance BI solution what are the key components of a BI solution for a small or midsized business BI used to be available only to large Read More
State of the Market: on-Demand Business Intelligence Solutions
Find out how the companies you re targeting are approaching SaaS-based BI solutions in On-demand Business Intelligence Solutions.

informative essay  Solutions . In this informative report, you’ll learn about the information challenges faced by small and midsized companies, how SaaS-based BI solutions are helping companies achieve their corporate goals, what companies look for in a SaaS-based BI solution, and how companies evaluate SaaS BI vendors. Get the inside story on SaaS-based BI solutions from the perspective of your customers and prospects. Download your copy of On-demand Business Intelligence Solutions today. Sponsored by SAP For Read More
Mega-Vendors Warming Up to the Cloud - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series depicted the three evolutionary phases (or waves) of software as a service (SaaS) and the adoption of cloud computing. The post ended

informative essay  . Other balanced and informative articles would be ZDnet blog posts by Phil Wainewright , Dennis Howlett , and Brian Sommer , as well as the WSJ blog post by Ben Worthen . In her recent blog post, Amy Wohl takes a critical view of SAP’s still thin on-demand arsenal by saying that: ... SAP is remarkably late to the SaaS market and has chosen a unique path which I don't think will work: they want to keep their customers continuing to invest in very expensive SAP ERP applications while buying bits of SaaS Read More
Mega-vendors Warming Up to the Cloud - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series depicted the three evolutionary phases (or waves) of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing adoption. The article ended

informative essay  and so on. Other informative readings on the product’s current state of affairs are Michael Krigsman's and Dennis Howlett’s respective ZDNet blog posts, and the InformationWeek article titled “ Inside SAP's Idled Business ByDesign Suite .” What Are Other Mainstream Vendors Doing? SAP’s example might show us that offering a brand new or a rewritten existing product in a SaaS manner to the same target customers requires some tweaking in terms of the vendor’s go-to-market strategy. Namely, a Read More
Aberdeen Report: ERP Success Strategies for Midsized Companies
Now you can find out in the aberdeen benchmark report 2008 ERP in the mid-market.

informative essay  in this timely and informative report. Discover the ERP strategies and best practices that can help your company succeed in an extraordinarily challenging business climate. Download your PDF copy of 2008 ERP in the Mid-market today. For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files 2009 Read More

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