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Why Selecting an ERP System Is Like a 12-Step Recovery Program
So, I was looking over this article, and it suddenly occurred to me that there are uncanny similarities between AA’s 12-step program and the ERP selection

extension ladders  “broken business processes” (by extension, for “alcoholics,” read “employees”). Step 2 ... came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. ERP selection translation : For “Power,” substitute project team. Step 3 ... made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. ERP selection translation : Creating the business case for a new ERP system. For “God,” substitute “ERP system.” [Warning: do NOT substitut Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined the problem that, as the number of systems, applications, databases, and whatnot platforms increases, the IT business

extension ladders  does not provide an extension the designer can simply add it to the list. However, the server running the script must be able to associate with the relevant file extension. Various Views to Monitor Jobs Furthermore, ActiveBatch comes with a number of different ways of viewing and monitoring ongoing enterprise jobs. To that end, the Run Book view shows operators’ job schedules in a calendar view ( à la Microsoft Outlook ), whereas the Daily View shows daily job executions in a detailed list. Both views Read More
Growing Small Business F.J. Westcott Gets Help with ERP Software Selection from TEC
F.J. Westcott, a photographic equipment distributor based in Toledo, Ohio (US), recently discovered its legacy system could no longer keep up with its growing

extension ladders  Services at +1 514-954-3665, extension 404. About Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) provides insight and expertise by offering impartial resources and services to minimize the costs, risks, and time associated with software selection. Over 3.5 million technology decision makers visit TEC's Web sites each month to find information on hundreds of solutions, and to access articles, white papers, and podcasts. TEC's offerings include in-depth research, detailed product inf Read More
i2 e-Business Strategy Services Not For Everyone
Companies that know what they want in terms of Internet capabilities might benefit from eSOA, but others should give it a wide berth.

extension ladders  announced eSOA, an e-business extension to its Strategic Opportunity Assessment services. Like its precursor, eSOA provides a structured methodology for breaking down the complexities of e-business so that clients can understand how they can capitalize on Internet technology to streamline their businesses or pursue new Internet opportunities. eSOA activities are performed by i2's Strategic Services Group. Gate Gourmet, a leading airline caterer, was one of the first companies to take advantage of the new Read More
Infor Taps AWS to Deliver Vertical Cloud Suites
Infor announced Infor CloudSuite, its first group of industry-specific application suites available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. Infor

extension ladders  core ERP, and high-value extension application components (some foundational, some optional), :   Infor CEO Charles Phillips has been a proponent of industry solutions even when he was president at Oracle . He was involved in many best-of-breed industry acquisitions while at Oracle. For example, Oracle’s Utilities solution is based on the acquisitions of Lodestar, SPL WorldGroup , and DataRaker , for Banking on I-Flex , for Communications on Acme Packet , and so on and so forth. But contrary to Oracle Read More
SAP SCM-Stepping Out of Obscurity
Major new SAP products are being released in the realms of supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and product lifecycle

extension ladders  Optimization The aforementioned solution extension , SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization (EIO) by SmartOps , aims to deliver ongoing benefits through a sustainable process of dynamically capturing, quantifying, and responding to supply chain variability and suggesting time-phased inventory targets across all items and multi-echelon locations (supply chain nodes). Supply chain variability can come from multiple sources, starting with demand intelligence (i.e., forecast error, forecast bias, and Read More
PBX VoIP Systems
The VoIP industry offers a number of different services, features, and options. Among the various services and systems is the private branch exchange (PBX

extension ladders  otherwise routed to another extension, etc. But BPM systems can differ in mode of service. Read this paper and know the benefits and drawbacks of three different PBX options. Read More
Hold Onto Your WAPs, Here Come the Apps!
Due to the seemingly certain global standardization on the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), Short Message Service (SMS) and the addition of Wireless Markup

extension ladders  have been primarily an extension of the Internet, giving users the ability to check e-mail, fetch stock quotes, and get up to the minute sports scores. Due to the seemingly certain global standardization on the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), Short Message Service (SMS) and the addition of Wireless Markup Language (WML) software vendors are quickly porting applications to service wireless access users. Some of the first examples of bi-directional or transactional-based wireless access have been on the Read More
Moving Beyond Lean Manufacturing to a Lean Supply Chain
Most lean manufacturing deployments target production operations, but can also be extended to other supply chain processes. To realize the multiplicative

extension ladders  companies show that the extension of lean manufacturing concepts across the interdependent supply chain network of suppliers, customers, and partners can result in real value creation for the savvy enterprise. Lean supply chain operations require continual planning, monitoring, and refinement. They can also undergo transformational changes in response to technological developments. Creating a lean supply chain by streamlining business and production processes to significantly reduce cycle time, increase p Read More
Analyzing MAPICS' Further Steps After Frontstep Part Four: Market Impact Continued
While competitive costs (low and flexible software license pricing and implementation costs) and outstanding global service (proven fast implementations and

extension ladders  , which is an extension of the MAPICS Maintenance and Calibration application. It is suitable for iSeries customers requiring warranty tracking and resource management capabilities, and for customers looking to manage the project aspects of their after-market service activities. Conversely, like the CRM counterpart, the product is not yet integrated with the SyteLine product, and time will only tell the need thereof, given SyteLine's Field Service application, which is sold separately from the ERP count Read More
The Growing Importance of E-discovery on Your Business
E-discovery is the extension of the discovery process to include identifying, preserving, collecting, reviewing, and analyzing electronically stored information

extension ladders  Business E-discovery is the extension of the discovery process to include identifying, preserving, collecting, reviewing, and analyzing electronically stored information. Today, it represents 35 percent of the total cost of litigation. Companies that fail to produce e-mail in a timely manner face paying fines and other risks. Learn how you can develop an e-discovery plan to better manage your electronic data discovery processes. Read More
Intuit QuickBooks Online Going Mobile
As part of its ongoing quest for innovation, Intuit recently announced that QuickBooks Online is now available for mobile devices. QuickBooks Online for iPad

extension ladders  offering as a natural extension to QuickBooks, one that should delight current users as well as expose small businesses to QuickBooks through the Intuit App Center . For more traditional accountants whose jobs are stationed in an office, Intuit offers QuickBooks for Accountants , which is a separate product. Read More
USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System
USinternetworking and AT&T begin rollout of alliance in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

extension ladders  relationship is a natural extension of both companies' interests in supporting the application service provider model. We expect continued geographic expansion of the USi and AT&T solution set, as well as joint marketing initiatives as each company taps new market segments (i.e., related vertical markets). User Recommendations Companies located in the Northern Virginia area who are considering an outsourced application model should take a look at the USi/AT&T solution. An important factor when evaluating Read More
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 8)
Welcome to Week 8 of TurtleSpice ERP! We’re following one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with a twist: It’s up to you to make sure

extension ladders  give all vendors—including BigGun—an extension for RFI responses. One reader wrote in to say this: What Mike needs is time. By extending the deadline not only is he getting time, but also review the proposals of other vendors. He also does not antagonize Wade. Any company you will have elements opposing/for a project/idea. What does the trick is that while the process to arrive at a decision is being made, each participant in the process has to realize his/her own limitations and this can be brought Read More
ROI Systems Catching Up With e-Commerce
ROI Systems continues with its practice of cautious new technology adoption. On October 10, it announced the offering of XML-based EDI for its customers.

extension ladders  Commerce. TIE Commerce's xVision extension to their eVision product supports all ANSI X.12 and UN-EDIFACT documents as well as any well-formed XML document structure. With its support of emerging XML standards, such as ebXML, xVision delivers data transformation and integration support for Internet trading. Market Impact For more than two decades, ROI Systems has managed to deliver strong discrete manufacturing functionality and solid customer support, although at the expense of modest growth and Read More

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