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Tableau Now with Connector to SAP HANA
Tableau's has just released its new connector for SAP's promising new platform: SAP HANA. Unveiled during SAP's SAPPHIRE-TechEd  in Madrid, the connector will

connector d25 phpkpc  Now with Connector to SAP HANA Tableau's has just released its new connector for SAP's promising new platform: SAP HANA . Unveiled during SAP's SAPPHIRE-TechEd  in Madrid, the connector will be able to explore information stored in the SAP HANA database and bring it to life with Tableau's appealing and innovative visualizations. The connector is available for version 7.0.9, and it can connect to SAP HANA via ODBC and SQL. The connector lets Tableau take advantage of SAP HANA's in-memory processing Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » connector d25 phpkpc

focu.biz Domino Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

connector d25 phpkpc  biz Domino Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Read More
SnapLogic to Extend SumTotal elixHR Platform in the Cloud
SumTotal Systems, a renowned provider of integrated human resources (HR) solutions, recently announced a partnership with SnapLogic to extend the SumTotal

connector d25 phpkpc  by delivering an HR Connector Framework populated with SnapLogic’s library of pre-built connectors. The SumTotal elixHR Connector Framework will provide access to more than 150 business applications—on-premises, in the cloud, or both—and thus help expedite customers’ talent expansion initiatives by allowing them to deliver and exchange learning, talent, and HR data across multiple business applications and systems, in near real time. SumTotal has customarily provided a rich library of integration Read More
Ariba and Dell Boomi to Simplify Seller Integration
Similar to the Ariba LIVE conference last year, one of the main themes at the Ariba LIVE 2013 conference was again that Ariba, now an SAP company, is making it

connector d25 phpkpc  Network, the Ariba Integration Connector , powered by Dell Boomi Integration Packs , aims to enable companies to collaborate more efficiently. The first available connector, which integrates with Intuit QuickBooks , was officially unveiled at Ariba LIVE 2013. Additional connectors to enable sellers who own Microsoft Dynamics GP and Sage 50 (a.k.a., Sage Peachtree ) to integrate with the Ariba Network are planned to be released later this year. Traditionally, integration has been a complex and costly proce Read More
SDL Tridion R5
SDL Tridion R5 provides organizations with Web content management capabilities that allow them to respond to changing business requirements for online

connector d25 phpkpc  Manager Explorer, SiteEdit, WebDAV Connector, and Word Connector. SDL Tridion R5 separates content management from content delivery. Content Manager publishes content to Presentation Server and Content Broker, ensuring that all original content is safely inside a firewall and that only published content is outside the firewall. In addition, this decoupled content delivery architecture allows for a dynamic Web platform that runs on a multitude of infrastructure platforms. Content Delivery products include Read More
When ERP and CRM Connect in the Cloud
In early 2011 Plex Systems announced that it has integrated its software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) product with salesforce.com’s

connector d25 phpkpc  Group, developed the integration connector, which runs natively in the Force.com environment. We can easily expand the integration to encompass a wider portion of the data set, and/or to include triggers for business processes, now that the initial mapping is done and the Web services are connected. Most importantly, this project represents a retreat from full-fledged service-oriented architecture (SOA)—a world of hybrid environments with both on-premise and on-demand applications. The relative ease wit Read More
Hannon Hill Cascade Server for Content Management
Hannon Hill has grown its content management application over the years so that today’s solution targets midsized organizations with a depth of functionality at

connector d25 phpkpc  works on Cascade Server’s connector interface, which is what Cascade Server uses to add other third-party functionality to the CMS. In the higher-education market, Hannon Hill has spread itself throughout the United States, much of Canada, and is working to expand these borders. In recent years, this has been a bit of a struggle as the recession (in the US particularly) has really impacted university budgets. Even as Hannon Hill finds itself competing with companies such as Terminal 4 or Ingeniux in Read More
Increasing Data Center Efficiency by Using Improved High-density Power Distribution
North American server installations are uniquely inefficient because of multiple circuits, use of floor space and weight, and more. A new approach to power

connector d25 phpkpc  is the power cord connector provided by most OEM server manufacturers with rack-mount servers and storage devices. Therefore, most high density servers are already provided with the appropriate connector for use with a 230V system. Occasionally, a device may be provided with a power cord that uses a North American NEMA style twist lock connector. These are dealt with as follows: If the power cord is the detachable type with a IEC C13 or C19 connector on the chassis, then the cord should be replaced with a Read More
SAP - A Leader Under Reconstruction
SAP is responding to the changing Internet marketplace by restructuring to develop flexibility and forming key partnerships and alliances to put content behind

connector d25 phpkpc  SAP Business Connector . The connector leverages XML to transmit orders, invoices and other documents through personalized workplace portals. An additional component is the Internet Sales application which complements existing SAP sell side solutions, including the Online Store which extends SAP R/3 to the Internet. Also available is the Internet Pricing and Configurator component that allows companies to sell simple and complex configurable products over the Internet. In addition to the core ERP capabil Read More
Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 3
Part 2 of this blog series analyzed the ActiveBatch architecture and evolution in terms of enterprise job scheduling and workload automation functional

connector d25 phpkpc  but not the SAP connector at this time. The vendor would currently use its SOA Dynamic Web services or Command Line Interface (CLI) for a general interface to a SAP. ActiveBatch’s plan is to develop an SAP connector for ActiveBatch to be released in 2009. Meanwhile, the ActiveBatch  service library allows the vendor to connect applications using web services, expose the methods, and make use of their properties. The created service is then associated with a job as part of the Job Library. The goal is Read More
Ultimate To Enhance Human Capital Management Offering
During the opening keynote address at Ultimate’s annual Connections customer conference in Las Vegas, Ultimate Software announced that it plans to deliver 28

connector d25 phpkpc  new open global payroll connector Additional delivered language translations Read More
Can Geac Reshuffle the ERP Standings?
In July, Geac Computer Corporation Limited, the largest Canadian business applications software vendor and an aspirant for a leading ERP vendor position

connector d25 phpkpc  strategy. The possible software connector can be the Geac's latest product integration strategy enveloped in its above-mentioned Active Architecture. This should be the crucial Geac's undertaking in order to breathe fresh air into its arsenal of products that are based on diverse technologies and that serve different, fragmented markets (e.g., System 21, SmartStream, E- and M-Series mainframe packages, etc.), as well as any other products it may acquire in the future. To that end, Geac must develop standa Read More
Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side'' Part Two: Market Impact On Baan
Baan is now in a much better company, one that is solely dedicated to the enterprise applications business. In addition to Baan being in a better shape and

connector d25 phpkpc  installations via a tailor-made connector (there are indications of ~1,000 enterprises where SAP and Baan coexist on corporate/divisional level, which should also be the case with SSA GT's bundle of products deployed at many manufacturing divisions of larger corporations). Further, one should note that Invensys did not diminish Baan's business; quite the contrary, it kept some prominent Baan veteran staffers in charge, who have done notable work to keep the company afloat, possibly better than many would Read More
A Single Software Solution That Enables Business Process Management
By focusing on improving and optimizing the processes instead of only the departments, any user company should be better aligned and prepared to take on the

connector d25 phpkpc  or through an XML connector for Exact Software accounting applications (e-Synergy natively supports other Exact Software back-end accounting systems). Otherwise, the system supports connections to accounting and other back-office applications through a World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ) compliant-XML interface, which also controls data exchange with client applications such as Microsoft Word and Outlook. Although it admittedly is not as deep as some of the individual, best-of-breed CRM, HRM, professional s Read More

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