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2006 PMI Research Conference Aims to Link Project Management Discipline with the Business Community
The 2006 PMI Research Conference was an excellent venue for gauging the direction in which project management research is heading. The presentations of the

community colleges  Discipline with the Business Community Introduction For years, project management research has focused primarily on the methodology to execute projects on time, within budget, and according to specifications. Project managers who were able to meet these three requirements attached the keyword success to their projects—with the perspective that from an execution point of view, the project was a success. However, other business factors (such as profitability) must be taken into consideration when gauging Read More
ERP for School Districts
The ERP knowledge base for K-12 school districts and municipalities focuses on back-office functionality, including financials, human resources (HR), and payroll. It covers important functionality ...
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Documents related to » community colleges

Find Out How Much You Should be Paying (and Earning) with PayScale
Seattle-based software vendor PayScale has created a tool that evaluates salaries per industry, job type, geography, etc. and delivers this information to

community colleges  to others in our community or society in general. PayScale is a company that knows how important money is to those in the workforce or those looking to enter the workforce. The Seattle-based software vendor has created a tool that evaluates salaries per industry, job type, geography, etc. and delivers this information to employers so they can determine what would be a “fair” salary for their employees. Similarly, employees can access the data to see how much they are “worth” in the job Read More
The Challenges of a Business Intelligence Implementation: A Case Study
The University of Illinois provides a good example of extensive integration of its business intelligence (BI) solution and data warehousing environment with its

community colleges  expertise to the user community With the results captured, the DS group shortlisted five vendors and selected for vendor presentations using a sub-set of the university's data. After the demonstrations, the university chose Business Objects , for two main reasons. The first reason was scalability regarding the ability of its servers to accommodate large amounts of data and to leverage data from all required data sources. The second reason was its ease of use from the user perspective, due to its Read More
Are Your Company Laptops Truly Secure?
The portable nature of laptops makes them particularly susceptible to all kinds of security and tracking problems. This paper discusses the strengths and

community colleges  example for the business community. By delivering full control of its assets and ensuring compliance, Grant Thornton created a layered approach to its security policies. Prior to the exercise, Grant Thornton could account for about 80% of its mobile assets at any one time - considerably better than the 60% average, but still leaving room for improvement. Central to the layered security approach and improved lifecycle management was the implementation of a sophisticated asset tracking and recovery system. Read More
Finding YOUR Next - Michael Jordan - How New Technology-Driven Assessment Processes Will Improve Talent Acquisition
Human capital is the most valuable asset of any organization and human resources must be more strategic and provide more value, rather than be solely a cost

community colleges  Challenge , Talent Acquisition Community , Talent Acquisition Conference , Talent Acquisition Consultant , Talent Acquisition Definition , Talent Acquisition Department , Talent Acquisition Evolution , Talent Acquisition Function , Talent Acquisition Group , Talent Acquisition Impact , Talent Acquisition Jobs , Talent Acquisition Leader , Talent Acquisition Management , Talent Acquisition Management Solution , Talent Acquisition Manager , Talent Acquisition Market , Talent Acquisition Network , Talent Read More
Enterprise Mobility Foundation
Founded in 2010, the Enterprise Mobility Foundation's mission is to be the global community builder and evangelist for showcasing the value of successfully

community colleges  to be the global community builder and evangelist for showcasing the value of successfully deploying and managing mobility solutions within organizations in the public and private sector. The Enterprise Mobility Foundation is the organization behind the Enterprise Mobility Forum. Read More
Interview with Jeff Bates of SourceForge.net, Slashdot, and the OSTG
Jeff Bates's experience in developing and managing SourceForge.net and Slashdot communities sheds light on encouraging the interest of participants in the open

community colleges  that sort (SourceForge.net) of community forum? One of the primary advantages that SourceForge.net has in respect to that is scale. One of the primary issues is that it's really not that hard to set up an on-line community for people to come to, to do development. That's actually fairly easy to do on a small scale but the infrastructure and all of the tools that you need to have in place to do that on a large scale is a much more daunting task. We end up with a lot of people who've maybe been developing Read More
Adeon Software House
Headquartered in Oosterhout (the Netherlands), Adeon Software House (ASH) is a global provider of highly specialized software tools for the electronics industry

community colleges  fields: the electronics design community and the electronics (contract) assembly community. ASH also provides consulting and support services to customers. Read More
Microsoft's Open Source Licenses
This post is not an oxymoron. The Open Source Initiative recently approved two Microsoft licenses (the Microsoft Reciprocal License and the Microsoft Public

community colleges  in the open source community might sound odd. After all, hasn't Microsoft been one of the most vocal proprietary vendors against free and open source software ? Isn't Microsoft known for its attempts to undermine open source standards? Often yes, but the company has also been dabbling, to various degrees, with open source for a while (its FlexWiki application is one example). Based on just public news and bloggers' opinions, I see two prevalent theories about how Microsoft's increasing forays in open Read More
Collaborative Logistics Technology: Filling the Competency Gap
It’s not just operating talent and facilities that win business for logistics service providers. Every community of clients, customers, suppliers, and carriers

community colleges  in a supply chain community is an absolute requirement of leading service providers. Hosted execution and visibility applications, coupled with outsourced technical expertise can provide new, competitive advantages for companies who aspire to providing greater levels of service. Introduction When opportunity knocks, a third party logistics company can expect to jump through a whole new set of hoops to meet the unique requirements of a new client. The nature of a logistics service provider’s business is Read More
Want to Turn Your Workforce into a Real Community? EnterpriseJungle Can Help
How often do we feel that we hardly know the person sitting in the cubicle next to ours, let alone someone sitting in our company’s Hong Kong or Sydney office

community colleges  workforce, and of a community that can understand the importance of the information available in the human capital, product, and sales areas, and other pillars of the company. Despite a $1.7-billion annual investment in enterprise social network (ESN) platforms as predicted by Gartner , companies are taking a top-down approach to mandating usage among employees. But this approach equates to exceedingly low adoption by the workforce. EnterpriseJungle is a new service that lets people explore and connect wi Read More
Applying the Power of Social Networks to Customer Relationship Management
Customer relationship management (CRM) is rapidly morphing from a customer management model to one of customer engagement. Social networks, podcasts, blogs, and

community colleges  of capturing feedback, getting community involvement and commentary, and understanding what the customers are thinking about when they go to your store, buy your product, or purchase your service. CRM has changed from this kind of operational and tactical automating of processes and utilizing internal technologies—which are still part of it—to a much broader collaboration model. And it's utilizing all these new media to actually engage the customers in that collaboration. WT: I understand that your Read More
ERP Shootout Sept 2009: Vendor Line-up Complete
Erp shootout. september 24 to 25, 2009 baltimore, maryland the ERP vendor shootout, hosted by the var community and moderated by technology evaluat...

community colleges  hosted by the VAR Community and moderated by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you and your team to see the best in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions all in one place, all at the same time! The presenting vendor lineup has now been finalized: Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Infor ERP Visual, Epicor Vantage ERP, IQMS EnterpriseIQ, and SYSPRO. You will have the opportunity to see these six top ERP software vendors present themselves Read More
Will 2013 Be IBS’ Comeback Year? Part 2
In part 1 of this series, we took a look at IBS, some of the challenges the company was facing, and its software offerings for the business community. To

community colleges  offerings for the business community. To discuss the aforementioned issues (see part 1 ) and IBS’ ongoing turnaround, we recently spoke to Doug Braun, the chief executive officer (CEO) of IBS. As CEO, Mr. Braun is responsible for translating business needs into products that solve customer supply chain problems. TEC: How would you describe IBS’s current state of affairs? DB: The top challenges IBS faced were profitability, stability, and maturity of a global software company.  When Symphony Read More
Moodle Launches Moodle Mobile App for Android and iOS
The HTML5 Moodle Mobile app is now available on Google Play (Android) and Apple iTunes (iOS). Based, on the iOS app

community colleges  issues found by the community (July) Add support for push notifications from Moodle  (September) Add community-developed features and others added by CV&A (December) In addition, Moodle will be allocating developers to improve the usability of the product on mobile devices. Being an open source learning management system (LMS), Moodle relies heavily on collaboration with its users and therefore is currently awaiting feedback on the new product. Read More

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