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PegaWorld 2011 Revisited
How did Pegasystems avert disaster and become one of the fastest growing technology companies? The business process management (BPM) vendor started delivering

college humor  Computer Science from Dartmouth College .   The Discussion with Pega’s Visionary My questions and Trefler’s answers are as follows: PJ: Has your competitive landscape changed of late and how, and why do you win/lose to your competitors? AT: During my PegaWorld 2011 keynote presentation, I reflected on Metastorm, Lombardi, and Savvion being gobbled up by large technology stack providers over the past 2 years. Our win rate is quite high, particularly when concrete business case scenarios with proven Read More

ERP for School Districts
The ERP knowledge base for K-12 school districts and municipalities focuses on back-office functionality, including financials, human resources (HR), and payroll. It covers important functionality ...
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Documents related to » college humor

Challenges of the Future: The Rebirth of Small Independent Retail in America
By any measure, retailers are overwhelming small businesses. More than 95 percent of all retailers have only one store. Almost 90 percent have sales less than

college humor  started right out of college in 1978, back when you weren't supposed to go into business for yourself. Nobody had ever heard of the word entrepreneur and if it was talked about, it was used in a slam way like, ?Oh the guy's a real entrepreneur,' like you were selling watches up and down your arm on the street. It wasn't that long ago that being in your own small business wasn't even considered an occupation. I was tenacious. And just kept saying to myself, there has to be a better way. I would make a Read More
Intranets: A World of Possibilities
An intranet precisely built can thoroughly simplify work processes and provide a repository of all internal, electronic data. It empowers employees and reduces

college humor  computer classes at the college level. Through Stetson University and a community college, she instructed DOT and other government employees about the use of the Internet and various office applications. Lynn has a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She is just inches away from her Master of Arts degree in writing. For more information on Brintech go to their website: www.brintech.com or call 904-427-6772. Read More
Chronus—A Development Approach to Talent Management
This post features Seattle-based software company Chronus, and discusses the vendor's unique approach and solutions to helping organizations deliver effective

college humor  went to the same college or worked in the past for the same employer. Lastly, individual compatibility is also taken into account, which allows each mentee to choose a mentor of the same gender or same age range, for example.   Dashboard to view the health of mentoring/coaching programs Chronus Flexibility The solution is flexible, allowing employers to set up a general set of rules that individual employees can fine-tune. In fact, for some more liberal organizations, if you will, the solution can be con Read More
Customer Relationship Management and Social Networks-They're Related How, Again?
No company today can afford to ignore the value of its customers' natural social networking behavior. The advantages that these social networks can bring to a

college humor  place for teens or college students (or, if of age, a virtual bar), or a monster repository for sharing videos and photos that has no particular monetary value that anyone can see within a (metaphorical) thousand miles of it. In fact, using social networks is a major business initiative, and it is becoming a huge factor in how successful (or not) businesses will be with their customers in this part of the twenty-first century. Let's take a look at the premise behind social networking and how it relates Read More
Fault Meets Performance -- Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Part 2: The Solution
Seamless integration of real-time problem detection and historical trend analysis helps companies keep their IT infrastructures delivering peak performance.

college humor  University of Connecticut, Boston College and Boston University. He frequently speaks at leading networking industry forums, including Networld+Interop, COMDEX, COMNET, the Federal Computer Conference and DECUS, as well as two keynote engagements in France: Network Developments and IEEE International Conference on Networking (ICN). Fred can be reached at fengel@concord.com . Read More
Thinking Radically: Interview with Transpara’s Michael Saucier and Robert Hylton
It appears that many organizations are rapidly adopting mobile business intelligence (BI), and the technology promises to become a natural component of every BI

college humor   Read More
Program Testing Methodology Part One: Preparing for Testing
Program testing and debugging is one of the most critical aspects of implementing a computer system. Without programs which properly work, the system will never

college humor  Department at Saint Peter's College located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Prior to becoming a professor three years ago, Dr. Moskal worked for over twenty years for fortune 100 companies directing and managing system implementation projects on mainframe, mid-range and client-server computing platforms. Systems included financial, human resource, manufacturing, marketing, customer relationship management, e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, retail, legal, project management, shareholder, and Read More
Hosting Horrors!
What you should ask before committing to a Web Hosting Company...

college humor  currently enrolled at Cambridge College pursuing a Master degree in Business. Read More
Evaluating the Total Cost of Network Ownership
The upfront expenses of a network comprise only 19% of the total cost. The remaining 81% can sneak up on bank management, often unaware of some subtle TCO

college humor  computer classes at the college level. Through Stetson University and a community college, she instructed DOT and other government employees about the use of the Internet and various office applications. Lynn has a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She is just inches away from her Master of Arts degree in writing. For more information on Brintech go to their website: www.brintech.com or call 904-427-6772. Read More
KPI's: Key Project Impeders
Paying attention to the human nature factors of a project will not overcome poor software selection or poor software design. However, being aware of these

college humor  feeling you had in college when the professor said, Pop Quiz! Specifically, at some point a plan needs to provide answers to questions like What will I be doing? , How long do I have to do it? , and What do I have to give you when I am done? For example, when preparing to complete the final training for the users, the following descriptions and task outline would be helpful to the team leaders responsible for conducting the training: 5.1 ... 1 Objective: Train users in the use of the software to com Read More
PowerPlex 2014—Manufacturing of the Future, Now
TEC Senior Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic was at PowerPlex 2014 recently. Here he gives an in-depth look at Plex Systems and its cloud ERP offering, including a

college humor  Hangout,” an interactive ESPN College GameDay-style show featuring interviews with various customers, Plex executives, and other analysts in a relaxed lounge setup.   Figure 1 – PowerPlex 2014 Visual Keynote   But what hasn’t changed at PowerPlex is the familiar Midwestern/Rust Belt down-to-earth customers, although many of them now feel that what they are doing today is already cool and avant-garde (the future “next big thing” for others), and thus they no longer feel like inferior Read More
Alibris Charged with Intercepting Email
Internet book dealer Alibris has agreed to pay a $250,000 fine after being charged with 10 counts of intercepting electronic communications.

college humor  of higher learning: Smith College, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst, Hampshire College, and University of Massachusetts. Many book dealers used Valinet as an ISP. Incoming Valinet email intended for local bookdealers was filtered for source Amazon.com and was captured in log files under direction from the original Alibris/Interloc management team. Market Impact The case was heard before Judge Michael A. Ponsor in the U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts. A maximum fine of $250,000 for each count means Read More
E-learning Benefits and ROI Comparison of E-learning versus Traditional Training
You’re considering a move from traditional training to e-learning, but you’re not sure if the returns will be significant. In fact, employees are better able to

college humor  in Physics from Union College in Schenectady, NY and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. White Paper Focus In most cases, the biggest quandary an organization must solve is to put together a rational, i.e., a cost justified, business case why they should spend capital to invest in a learning management system. The focus of this white paper will outline the benefits of web-based training along with a practical framework for developing ROI when looking Read More
A Portrait of the Enterprise Software User in the Education Industry
Educational institutions are being driven by new technologies and changing student demographics to dramatically change the way they deliver their services. And

college humor  57% of university and college operating funds, down from 81% two decades ago. Major cuts to public funding are widespread and global, particularly in countries where government funding of educational institutions has typically been very high. These institutions are being forced to find new and innovative ways to make the most of their restricted budgets and effectively administer their finances. New approaches to education, as brought about by technological advancements, and the shift in public funding Read More
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