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E = Excellent Value in the ETO Landscape: How Global Shop Solutions Excels for ETO Industry Challenges » The TEC Blog
an eager and responsive chord among its initial customers in the small to medium sized manufacturing space within the “custom job-shop” and engineer-to-order segments of the market. The initial market acceptance of these principles and a vendor that could deliver on the promise propelled the organization though its growth and development. Now, three decades later, Global Shop Solutions is truly a global enterprise solution, with customers not only in the US and Canada but also in South America and

CHORI: eto, Global Shop Solutions, Product Configurator, Texas, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

BigMachines: Getting Bigger and Better – Part II » The TEC Blog
might not strike a chord with some more conservative prospects (with a “show me” attitude). Namely, Webcom or Experlogix often come across as more congenial vendors that talk the customers’ language (and issues), and focus solely on products functionality rather than lecture on their leadership and other competitors’ viability. These vendors even offer their products to customers for a free trial (“test drive”) to check out for themselves. For existing users, check out Webcom proactively

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Mid-Market ERP Vendors Doing CRM & SCM In A DIY FashionPart 2: Market Impact
Tier2/Tier 3 vendors are prepared to endure the onslaught of the likes of SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, as well as of proverbial mid-market leaders such as J.D. Edwards, Baan, Intentia, QAD, IFS and Epicor, and newly formed mid-market juggernauts like Microsoft Great Plains, Best Software (formerly Sage Software), and Navision, to name some. Frontstep and the Syspro Group lead the way.

CHORI: will likely strike a chord with the vendors existing customers. The integration factor, as well as the vendors extensive experience in the manufacturing sector, may provide them a competitive edge against both larger ERP vendors and CRM specialists with more general-purpose products, like Siebel , Onyx , Kana , Pivotal , Interact , FrontRange , and Salesforce.com . Nevertheless, that is not necessarily going to be the case outside of these two vendors install base, given much broader and deeper

Annoyed by ERP? You’re Not Alone. » The TEC Blog
to be striking a chord with our users. However, the customers that I’m most proud of are the ones that sign up and start using LAS without ever talking to us. To me, that means that our software is so simple and easy that they don’t need to ask questions or talk to a sales rep. They feel comfortable diving right in. I love speaking with customers, but I think our software is accomplishing its goals when we don’t have to. TEC: Why customer management software? Do you see a functional gap that is not

CHORI: bracken king, CRM, customer management, dont be annoying, less annoying software, tyler king, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Microsoft Lays Enforced-Concrete Foundation For Its Business SolutionsPart 2: Market Impact
Stampede 2002 has radiated moderate optimism within VARs and other attendees, in a sharp contrast with many other user or industry conferences where we have felt a generally somber, anxious, or at least subdued mood. Small wonder for this isolated ebullience, given that, despite the current soft market, both MBS and most of its partners are still operating well, are discussing closing new accounts, and even expanding.

CHORI: will likely strike a chord with this market segment, since most salespeople spend numerous working hours exactly within Outlook to, e.g., create/retrieve contacts, tasks, e-mail reminders, calendar updates, etc. On the back-office product strategy front, MBS will continue to sell and enhance four major product lines under its overarching brand: Navision (formerly Navision Attain), Solomon, Great Plains , and Axapta (formerly Damgaard Axapta ). Moreover, not only that former Solomon and/or Navision

PeopleSoft Revamps World for Its Mid-Market Express ConquestPart Two: Market Impact
The major factors of success in business applications for the mid-market segment have traditionally been--flexible pricing, packaging and deployment options; speed of implementation; vertical focus; interconnectivity to other applications and legacy systems; product scalability and scope expandability; Internet and wireless device accessibility; low cost business-to-business (B2B) electronic connectivity; and a single point of contact possibly with a local consulting and implementation support. PeopleSoft seems to have captured (or at least tackled) most of these.

CHORI: strike the true differentiating chord with the target market. In addition to typical faux-pas that have been discussed at great length in Cookie-cutter Solutions Won t Cut It with the Mid-Market , prior to the J.D. Edwards acquisition, PeopleSoft had been additionally hampered by the lack of strong native supply chain management (SCM) and manufacturing functionality. Unfortunately for both aspiring vendors and needy users, small and mid-size enterprises, like their bigger brethren, generally operate in

Autodesk to Bring Microsoft Business Solutions Closer to PLM
While the recent joining of complementary forces by Microsoft Business Solutions and Autodesk will make many heads turn, a lot more detail and clarifications are needed for the alliance to establish itself as an ERP-PLM superpower in the mid-market.

CHORI: initiatives, should strike a chord with the risk-averse target market (see Can ERP Speak PLM? ). Challenges However, the alliance of the respective CAD and desktop and office networking applications leaders does not necessarily create a long-term combined ERP/PLM leader. While MBS is a revered ERP competitor, it is still not the functionally strongest or broadest ERP provider. On the other hand, Autodesk is still far from becoming a full-fledged PLM provider, given its prominence in CAD but emerging

Microsoft Business Network (MBN)--Coming of Age?Part Four: More Challenges and User Recommendations
The objectives of end-to-end supply chain visibility are better plans, better service, increased inventory turns, and higher profit margins, where MBN might answer only some of these requirements at this stage. In any case, MBN is a great, initial idea that can lay the foundations for a future product of a more grandiose, collaborative undertaking.

CHORI: initiatives, should strike a chord with the risk-averse target. The objectives of end-to-end supply chain visibility are better plans, better service, increased inventory turns, and higher profit margins. MBN might answer only some of these requirements at this stage. It is going to take much time and an orchestrated effort by MBS and its partners to take functionality from SCM, product lifecycle management (PLM), supplier relationship management (SRM) and so on, and make it available as a

Best Software To Hold Competition At BayPart Three: Market Impact
As the small-to-medium enterprises (SME) market battle rages, Best Software seems to be taking appropriate steps to establish itself as a more visible/audible force to be reckoned with. It does not intend to remain a tacit mid-market powerhouse any longer.

CHORI: hoped to strike a chord with the target market: Best Software has insights for the life of small and mid-sized business, given its longevity (more than a quarter century) within the small and mid-sized business (SMB) marketplace. Best Software provides integrated Front-Office and Back-Office Solutions Best Software provides ease of product migration, as its product lines supposedly work together, allowing customers to migrate easily to more sophisticated Best Software solutions as their needs change.

Scala and Microsoft Become (Not So) Strange CRM Bedfellows
The Scala and Microsoft alliance in the CRM arena has merits of mutual benefits, particularly in the short to medium term, but due to vacillating motives of the participants that compete in the other enterprise applications fields, will it last? For the time being, Microsoft will likely be content to help Scala attack or keep the satellite divisions of its bigger competitors, particularly those of their common rival - SAP.

CHORI: will likely strike a chord with this market segment. Both the browser-based and Outlook-based user interfaces have the same functionality and the appearance, allowing users to easily switch from online to offline mode as required, and without a need to learn a different interface for an unplugged, on-the-road version. Another notable feature would be .NET SmartTag technology, which should allow users to easily incorporate structured and unstructured information, or information from multiple systems,

PLM Coming of Age: ERP Vendors Take Notice
With a PLM solution in place, a company has the ability to automate, monitor, and track product development and revision processes with their customers, suppliers, and employees amid the increasing pressures of mass customization, globalization, regulatory compliance, outsourcing, and product accountability, which are just some market driving forces.

CHORI: PLM initiatives, should strike chord with the risk-averse target market (see Can ERP Speak PLM? ). The PLM Market The PLM market, however, covers a wide range of above-mentioned previously unrelated software applications and the suites offered from different vendors can vary dramatically. Applications include CAD files management and CAD integrations; product portfolio management; project management; customer needs and feedback management; resource management; strategic sourcing and approved vendors list

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