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WMS Helps Vehicle Distribution Company Improve Delivery
Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for WMS Helps Vehicle Distribution Company Improve Delivery.Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. JM Family Enterprises knew there had to be a more efficient way to organize its picking, packing, and tracking systems. Because of the specific nature of its documents, it was vital they arrive at the correct dealership on time. In order to achieve continued growth, it would need an automated system. Since implementing a warehouse management system (WMS), the company has reduced its paper processing by 80 percent.

CADENCE DAYTONA: trade show, Cadre Technologies Cadence Fulfillment warehouse management software emerged as a finalist. Cadre representatives visited JM Family s Jacksonville, Fla. warehouse for three days. They worked side-byside pulling orders with associates to understand JM Family s unique needs and help the company identify opportunities to add efficiencies to its fulfillment process. Cadre impressed us with their level of research about our company and attention to our warehouse operation, said Jeff Hall. They
2/8/2008 4:10:00 PM

Aras Innovator 9.4 Release Is Available » The TEC Blog
NX, Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, Cadence, Mentor Graphics , etc. Aras is delivering optimized connectors, high-performance application programing interfaces (APIs), a unified CAD data model across mechanical and electronics, and a highly scalable vault replication. Checkin Manager With Release 9.4, Aras cites a 10 times increase in speed, 10 times reduction in memory, and 6 times smaller argument markup language (AML)/extensible markup language (XML) package size to make Aras Innovator the fastest PLM

CADENCE DAYTONA: aras, Aras Innovator, CAD, industry watch, legacy PLM, multi CAD management, multi CAD management performance, plm, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Ariba Successes Highlight Standards Wars
California based Ariba saw its stock rise 20% (by 17.88 points to 107.88) on August 11, with continued rises into the low 120's for the rest of the week.

CADENCE DAYTONA: like electronic design powerhouse Cadence Design Systems, which have different portions of the ERP function supported by different vendors. Ariba s success in bridging these different vendor systems is a boost for all independent procurement software firms. Vendor Recommendations Ariba s partnerships give it significant momentum, which is clearly reflected in the stock price, as do such customers as Federal Express, Nestle, and General Motors. Some client reports of relatively easy installation don t


CADENCE DAYTONA: A provider of intelligent e-learning systems, uMind combines e-learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

How to Plan and Manage in Uncertainty and Volatility? Based on Reality and Facts, Duh! – Part 2 » The TEC Blog
the short-comings of a cadence-driven, monthly S&OP. Byt the time the S&OP plan is published, much of the input that was used to create the plan is already a month out of date, and the market continues to change during the next month when the plan is being executed. In many environments there is too much change in this period, which is driving the convergence of plannign and execution. rory on 29 November, 2011 at 1:28 pm # PJ, These two posts highlight some important issues and a very balanced overview

CADENCE DAYTONA: apics, baseball, ERP, execution, infor, kinaxis, kinexions, Logility, manhattan associates, planning, preactor, progress revolution, progress rpm, rapidresponse, red sox, redprairie, s&op, SAP, sce, SCM, scp, vuca, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Has Consolidation Made the PLM Market More Agile?Part Two: Market Impact
The advent and growth of vendors targeting the needs of discrete manufacturing industries proves that the PLM market in this sector has been hot. Agile Software has made a name for itself by providing the tools that support the collaborative exchange of product data, appealing to companies that rely on contractors for the manufacture of its products. For companies whose BOMs change frequently, this integrated capability set has been extremely important, and Agile has thrived in the PLM selection situations requiring extensive external collaboration.

CADENCE DAYTONA: in CAD/CAM, such as Cadence and PTC . All the above vendors products tend to have a strong engineering foundation and thus have gained a strong early following from product-oriented, design-centric companies, which see PLM as a way to increase collaboration and improve management of engineering-specific data. On the other hand, companies such as Agile Software, Eigner, and Arena Solutions (formerly bom.com ) were created with the idea of providing an extended PLM platform that generally balances design

Collaborative Logistics Technology: Filling the Competency Gap
Collaborative Logistics Technology: Filling the Competency Gap. Get Free Advice Associated with the Collaborative Logistics Technology. It’s not just operating talent and facilities that win business for logistics service providers. Every community of clients, customers, suppliers, and carriers must work together to fulfill perfect orders. However, few supply chain communities consist entirely of companies with top-notch supply chain applications. Learn how a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can help fill the gaps—and increase value to your clients.

CADENCE DAYTONA: supply chain execution. Cadre’s Cadence Warehouse Management System is the first multi-modal product that provides workers with speech, bar-code scanning, keypad and browser interface on a single mobile computer. The system operates in real-time on the Windows Server platform. For more information about Cadre and its Cadence Warehouse and LogiView systems, please visit www.cadretech.com or call 1-866-252-2373. Searches related to Collaborative Logistics Technology: Filling the Competency Gap :
5/15/2008 2:17:00 PM

PLM RFP Template

CADENCE DAYTONA: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Comprehensive RFP Template covers industry-standard functional criteria of PLM that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your PLM software project. Includes:ore PLM for both discrete and process industries (Engineering Change Management, Data Vaulting, BOM Management, Recipe Management, Product Cost Estimation, etc.), Product Development and Portfolio Management, Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), Ideation & Requirements Management, Service Data Management, Regulatory and Compliance, and Application Technology

Ariba s 15-Year Journey into the B2B Commerce Cloud
P.J. Jakovljevic reviews Ariba's history and discusses its market with Dan Ashton, Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing for Commerce Cloud Solutions. Ariba’s collaborative business commerce solutions focus on the basics: buying, selling, and managing cash. Ariba’s cloud-based vision has grown a vast network trading community to help businesses connect with each other and with suppliers. TEC Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reviews Ariba's 15-year history and discusses its market with Dan Ashton, Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing for Commerce Cloud Solutions.

CADENCE DAYTONA: a more rapid release cadence to quickly deliver new functionality. TEC: Although Ariba has done well in 2010 and 2011, what issues are keeping you awake at night? DA: In our history as a company, we’ve always created technology ahead of the market. Over the past 10 years, we’ve really seen that the market is coming to where Ariba’s vision and network are. We hope that companies continue to leverage business collaboration solutions to help create better business. TEC: What about Ariba’s future,
6/17/2011 11:19:00 AM

A Response Management Pioneer Offers Its Solution
Kinaxis Inc. is answering the needs of global manufacturers by delivering an on-demand response management service. These services are designed to help manufacturers drive quick responses to ever-changing global supply chains and fulfillment networks.

CADENCE DAYTONA: Founded in 1984 as Cadence Computer Corporation , the vendor was renamed Webplan Inc . in 1995. Then, in 2005, the company changed its name again to Kinaxis (a combination of “kinetic energy” and “global axis”). Throughout the years and multiple name changes, the company’s solutions have evolved from memory-resident, multisite production optimization capabilities (i.e., fast-acting manufacturing resource planning [MRP]) into a value proposition of Web-based, collaborative risk trade-off and

APICS 2009 From the Expo Floor: Is S&OP Coming of Age? – Part 4 » The TEC Blog
Establishing the calendar and cadence of the S&OP process Facilitating the creation of an organization suited for S&OP Advising executives on creating a transparent and collaborative decision-making environment Providing support on the selection and implementation of tools to drive and complement the S&OP process from strategy to  management execution Providing executive coaching on improving and evolving the S&OP process as business conditions change and the executive organization transitions to

CADENCE DAYTONA: analytics, apics, apics conference, Balanced scorecard, bi, bsc, CPFR, dashboard, demand forecasting, demand management, ibp, integrated business planning, logility voyager, oliver wight, oracle demantra, oracle value chain planning, s&op, sales and operations planning, SCM, scp, steelwedge software, tom wallace, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

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