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Documents related to » business plan sample

Cigna Finds Good Therapy: Building a More Efficient Risk Management, Compliance, and System Security Program
As a provider of employee benefits, CIGNA must observe a bevy of regulatory compliance mandates. Because much of its efforts are compliance-focused, it continually embraces technology, searching for new products to better manage its benefit offerings and track its security risks. With QualysGuard’s vulnerability management solution, CIGNA has mitigated vulnerabilities and remained up-to-date with compliance regulations.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: and Financial Management,   Business Intelligence and Data Management,   Regulatory and Compliance,   Benefits Administration,   Health and Safety Management,   Third Party Benefits Administration,   IT Infrastructure and Development,   Security,   Access Control,   Firewall,   Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment,   IT Monitoring and Management,   Network Monitoring,   Communications,   Infrastructure,   and Transportation Planning Related Industries:   Retail Trade,   Finance and Insur
10/31/2007 11:08:00 AM

MAPICS Red Ink Stained While Extending Its Offering
In May MAPICS Inc. announced the controlled delivery of the Point.Man Extended Enterprise Edition. Earlier, on May 4, MAPICS Inc. reported results for the second quarter of its fiscal 2000.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: proportion of our total business and anticipate improved corporate performance over the remainder of this fiscal year. Cook added, As a result of the acquisition of Pivotpoint, MAPICS now offers mid-sized manufacturers integrated e-business solutions for all of the industry s leading platforms. We intend to expand our capabilities aggressively through new product offerings and strategic marketing alliances. We did record special charges for the second fiscal quarter, principally related to the acquisiti

Oracle Loses Again
SAP AG has chosen SQL Server 7.0 as its strategic database for the Windows platform. The companies also will cooperate to make the Windows 2000 OS available as a platform choice for customers wishing to implement mySAP.com solutions. On the heels of the agreement to use IBM DB2 as a preferred backend database, Oracle continues to lose market share as a database in the ERP arena.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: is an open collaborative business environment of personalized solutions on demand that lets organizations of all sizes fully engage employees, customers, and partners to capitalize on the Internet economy. This announcement extends an October 1999 agreement between SAP AG and Microsoft Europe under which the companies are working to expand acceptance of Windows 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 as a cost-effective, scalable platform for implementations of mySAP.com for end-to-end Internet collaboration. Both compan

Oracle Global IT (GIT) Streamlined Security
With a vast global network that supports over 60,000 employees, vulnerability and risk management programs are crucial for Oracle GIT. To further enhance its IT system risk management capabilities, Oracle deployed QualysGuard’s on-demand software vulnerability and compliance management solution. Since its deployment, Oracle has optimized its scanning capabilities and automated its demand security auditing processes.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE:   Risk Management,   Business Intelligence and Data Management,   File Management,   Development,   Regulatory and Compliance,   IT Infrastructure and Development,   Operating System,   Security,   Access Control,   IT Monitoring and Management,   Network Management,   Communications,   Infrastructure,   and Transportation Planning,   Risk Management Related Industries:   Manufacturing,   Retail Trade,   Finance and Insurance Source: Qualys Learn more about Qualys Readers who downloaded
10/31/2007 11:07:00 AM

Adexa Reports Record First Quarter Results
It began the quarter as Paragon Management Systems and finished it as Adexa. Now the company looks to build on its record first quarter results.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: these should replicate actual business processes used by clients to plan and coordinate forecasts and replenishments with their customers and suppliers.

PeopleSoft Strategy a Good Deal for JD Edwards Customers
Putting PeopleSoft's strategy to work for the JD Edwards community. What can the JD Edwards install-base expect from the PeopleSoft merger?

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: modules, pricing, etc. o Business intelligence and reporting What PeopleSoft users get: o Process manufacturing o Asset management o Supply chain management Financially, it looks like a good play. The combined company forecast is $1.7B (US)—creating a huge service base with huge service growth opportunities. The PeopleSoft consulting engine seems to have been more cost effective for both PeopleSoft as well as its customers, and they will put that methodology to work for the JDE community. Now, there

Case Study: Nu-West Construction Products
In 2005, Nu-West Construction Products was executing a rapid expansion plan that included three new distribution facilities in Western Canada. Believing it had outgrown its existing solutions, Nu-West conducted a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software evaluation project to find a replacement. Learn how the chosen solution, TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP, helped Nu-West meet its unique distribution needs.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: Case Study: Nu-West Construction Products Case Study: Nu-West Construction Products Source: Technology Group International Document Type: Case Study Description: In 2005, Nu-West Construction Products was executing a rapid expansion plan that included three new distribution facilities in Western Canada. Believing it had outgrown its existing solutions, Nu-West conducted a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software evaluation project to find a replacement. Learn how the chosen solution,
3/13/2009 2:51:00 PM

Through Engagement and Interaction, The LEGO Group Nurtures Loyalty Among Consumers
In 2004, LEGO suffered a loss of roughly $191 million after venturing into new areas. The toymaker needed to refocus on its construction toys and related customer experience and loyalty management to return to growth. See how LEGO now engages with consumers, discovers which experiences and product features enthusiasts want to see, and incorporates real-world demand into its new offerings—thereby nurturing consumer loyalty.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: Medium-size Businesses: Steer Your Business to Handle Change by Creating the Right Road Map for Your Talent Journey Mobile Applications for Human Resources: The Future Is Here!
7/4/2012 2:58:00 PM

Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, RevisitedPart One: 1960s--Pre-Computer Era
Knowing the history and evolution of enterprise applications is essential to understanding their current use and future developments. Each step in the evolution of the software is built on the fundamentals and principles developed within the previous one, which holds true for the contemporary phase of the 2000s as well.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: functions, each linked together: business planning, sales and operations planning, production planning, and the execution support systems for capacity and material. Output from these systems is integrated with financial reports such as the business plan, purchase commitment report, shipping budget, and inventory projections in dollars. MRPII is a direct outgrowth and extension of closed loop MRP. In other words, for the first time, a company could have an integrated business system that provided

Epicor Reaches Better Vista From This Vantage Point
By harnessing Microsoft .NET possibly more keenly than its creator and by figuring out its bread-winning product groups, amid difficult market conditions notwithstanding, Epicor might be showing us that ‘a clearer vision' can keep it in the mid-market leadership race amongst a plethora of formidable opponents. This note’s spotlight is on Epicor’s recently unveiled manufacturing strategy.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: of technology for building business applications, as its 2002 Partner of the Year. Progress selects its partner award recipients based on their innovative use of Progress OpenEdge technology, their focus on high-value initiatives, and various collaborative efforts that have allowed them to deliver maximum business value in a challenging economy. Epicor reportedly received the top honor of Partner of the Year for its demonstrated success in the delivery of a broad range of end-user manufacturing

MAPICS Moving On PragmaticallyPart 4: Competition and User Recommendations
Production management remains MAPICS’ strongest spot, and, therefore, it has often been implemented only in manufacturing divisions of large global organizations that use a Tier 1 ERP product for corporate financials and/or HR applications. Therefore, executing the ambitious initiatives with its modest albeit solid resources compared to the above competitors will be a notable challenge.

BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE: market trends. If Microsoft Business Solutions ( MBS ), with its huge resources and a single .NET and SQL Server platform foundation delivered in-house does not foresee delivering a unified ERP foundation for at least next three years (see Microsoft Lays Enforced-Concrete Foundation For Its Business Solutions Part 3: Challenges ), one can only assume that it would take MAPICS significantly longer, given its much more modest resources and a task of deploying onto multiple platforms. The technological

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