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Increasing Data Center Efficiency by Using Improved High-density Power Distribution
North American server installations are uniquely inefficient because of multiple circuits, use of floor space and weight, and more. A new approach to power

amp connectors  For example, assume 20 amp circuits are provided to the load in either case. The power capacity for the 120 V line to neutral distribution method is calculated as (20 amps x 120 V x 3 = 7.2 kW), while the capacity for the 230 V line to neutral distribution method is calculated as (20 amps x 230 V x 3 = 13.8 kW). Given the same circuit current rating, the 230 V distribution provides 92% more power than the 120 V distribution. This increases the power density capability per rack without adding extra Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » amp connectors

Migration from IBM Rational Application Developer to MyEclipse Blue Edition
Why would a company choose to migrate its development tools? And if the migration is decided upon, how can this be done easily and effectively? Get answers to

amp connectors  Application Developer® as an example of a current tool, and MyEclipse Blue EditionTM as a new tool being migrated to. ...there are a number of accompanying issues that a development team might want to consider when revisiting past tool choices. WHY MIGRATE? The decision to stop using one development tool and migrate teams to a new one should not and will not be taken lightly in most businesses. The current sanctioned tooling (in this case, RAD®) was decided upon previously, usually after a long Read More
Stratyc's Laser-Sharp Focused Tools Retrofit Legacy Systems
When a technology vendor focuses on a tightly defined market of, the value received by its customers is typically greater. Stratyc seems to be the case in point

amp connectors  www.stratyc.com ) is one example of a company that has a very tight focus, consisting of: E-business - both the 'buy' side and the 'sell' side Process manufacturing industries - e.g., food, chemical, etc. The IBM AS/400 (now iSeries ) based ERP systems - e.g., J.D. Edwards ' WorldSoftware , SSA GT 's BPCS , Baan 's (formerly Marcam Solutions ' and Wonderware Corporation 's) PRISM , etc. The company has seized the market opportunity emanating from unmet needs of thousands of process manufacturing Read More
QAD’s Costly eTransition Continues
QAD, one of the leading Tier 2 ERP vendors, continues its transition into a provider of e-business applications for manufacturing companies. However, the

amp connectors  Costly eTransition Continues QAD’s Costly eTransition Continues P.J. Jakovljevic - January 5, 2001 Event Summary In December, QAD (NASDAQ: QADI), a provider of enterprise applications for manufacturers and distributors, announced the availability of optimized services and industry-standard connectors with QAD/Connects A2A (application-to-application) - a packaged integration solution that integrates QAD applications with legacy systems and ERP from multiple vendors like SAP and Oracle . QAD Read More
The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond - Part 4: Market Predictions
ERP will be redefined as a platform for enabling e-business globally. Originally focused on automating internal processes of an enterprise, ERP systems will

amp connectors  ERP Market 2001 And Beyond - Part 4: Market Predictions The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond Part 4: Market Predictions P.J. Jakovljevic - October 11, 2001 Executive Summary  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrated software solutions have become synonymous with competitiveness, particularly throughout the 1990's. ERP systems replace islands of information with a single, packaged software solution that integrates all traditional enterprise management functions (transactions) like financials, human Read More
SumTotal Delivers Context-Aware Talent Expansion Suite
At the 16th annual HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, SumTotal Systems LLC announced the fall 2013 release of its Talent Expansion Suite. It is a context-aware

amp connectors  come to expect. For example, users can quickly search a graphical carousel for a learning catalogue or courses, and register and initiate a multimodal learning plan from anywhere. They can also quickly and easily report complex absences, like family medical leave, using a personalized wizard interface that intuitively guides them through the process. SumTotal’s new UI leverages HTML 5-based responsive design to offer touch-friendly access and deliver a common experience across all devices. Menus, Read More
Siemens Product Development Solutions for Process Industries
Process manufacturing companies have traditionally been slow to adopt product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, mostly because they have not had many

amp connectors  procedure steps and equipment). Examples of Recipe Management Screens In the same way SIMATIC IT R&D Suite should not be confused with PLM, the SIMATIC IT Production Suite should not be considered a substitute for ERP. Its goal is to fill the gap between shop floor control systems and both PLM and ERP. Furthermore, the data collected and managed by SIMATIC IT Production Site can also be used by designers, suppliers, maintenance professionals, and decision makers. The SIMATIC IT Production Suite is built Read More
JDA Portfolio: For the Retail Industry Part One: Event Summary
From how to price and promote products to how to optimize profits, JDA Portfolio tries to create that perfect

amp connectors  advertising, marketing and promotion (AMP) software solutions for the retail industry, in August 2003; assets of Vista Software Solutions , a provider of collaborative commerce solutions for the retail and CPG industry, in May 2003; assets of J Commerce , a privately held developer of Java-based point-of-sale (POS) solutions for the retailers, in April 2002; E3 Corporation , the global provider of inventory optimization solutions (e.g., store-level clustering, assortment planning, replenishment, etc.), Read More
Siebel Rallies Its Integration Alliance Troops Part 2: Market Impact
The era of Siebel's uncontested supremacy in the CRM market seems to be nearing the end. However, Siebel's idea of its Universal Application Network seems

amp connectors  and Pivotal are some examples. Moreover, some mid-market ERP vendors already offer a sound CRM offering (e.g., Best Software , Epicor Software , Infinium ), many current Siebel ERP partners are increasingly delivering their CRM capabilities (e.g., Navision , Microsoft Great Plains ), while many smaller ERP vendors without a CRM offering will rather opt for an alliance with the likes of Interact Commerce or FrontRange , or will pursue a delivery of their own CRM components (see Mid-Market ERP Vendors Read More
Besieged By The CRM Throne Aspirants, King Siebel Delivers
Will the long awaited Siebel 7 product release help the until recently undisputed CRM leader withstand the pressure from ERP giants – SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft

amp connectors  Siebel's functionality in marketing campaigns, SFA, interactive (guided) sales, customer service, and PRM remains the deepest in the pack, SAP , Oracle , PeopleSoft , J.D. Edwards , and Baan have slowly but surely been closing the gap. As a matter of fact, many vendors often provide more CRM functionality than many customers require. Conversely, customers' perception of the scope of CRM does not often coincide with the pure CRM vendors' one. As an example, many prospects view the order fulfillment and Read More
Commerce One Conducts Its Soul-Searching Metamorphosis Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
Commerce One is seemingly stuck with yet another identity crisis being a novice provider of a Web services-based integration platform and being a still

amp connectors  real technical strength. For example, the vendor has long incorporated data field validation (i.e., strong typing') into its XML schema language, given the standard XML is technically neutral to the values passed into fields, often resulting with systems inability to talk' to each other and recognize the document. While XML can be used to define data for interchange between applications, workflows are much more difficult to document, and the market has discovered the need to separate rules, processes and Read More
The Blessing & Curse of SharePoint's
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed the runaway success and genesis of Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). The article outlined

amp connectors   Read More
Enterprise Application Integration - Where Is It Now (And What Is It Now)? Part 1: What Is It Now?
Since January 2000 when TEC last addressed the trends in Enterprise Application, there have been massive changes in the overall direction of Application

amp connectors  most important. A good example of a vendor overlooking things is Computer Associates (see, Computer Associates Jasmine ii: When is a Portal Not Just a Portal? ). The vendor has admitted that they may have underemphasized the importance of the infrastructure in favor of the portal, at least temporarily. The ability to work both inside and outside the corporate firewall (for instance using HTTP sockets). Web Application Servers (generally using Java 2 Enterprise Edition, or J2EE), also fit loosely into Read More
QAD Ends Its Protracted Dry Season, Not Yet On an Easy Street
QAD Inc. reported $0.06 of diluted net income per share, or net income of $2.1 million, on record total revenue of $70.9 million for the fourth fiscal quarter

amp connectors  Ends Its Protracted Dry Season, Not Yet On an Easy Street QAD Ends Its Protracted Dry Season, Not Yet On an Easy Street P.J. Jakovljevic - April 11th, 2000 Event Summary In March, QAD Inc. reported $0.06 of diluted net income per share, or net income of $2.1 million, on record total revenue of $70.9 million for the fourth fiscal quarter ended January 31, 2000. This compares with $0.16 of diluted net loss per share or a net loss of $4.9 million on total revenue of $65.4 million in the fourth quarter of Read More
Supplier Parks - Back to the Future
As supply chains become increasingly integrated and synchronized, we are witnessing the evolution of the business/production models (in some industries) that

amp connectors  cited as the prototypical example of vertical integration. Iron ore came in one side and autos came out the other end. Contrast that with the development of virtually integrated supply chains during the 80's and 90's: thousands of suppliers dispersed across the globe, each with their own role in the production of a single product. But this is also changing. I had a back-to-the-future experience during a recent tour of Ford's first North American supplier park, scheduled to start production next year. Read More

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