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Scala Shows Far More Than A Bit Of A Backbone Part 1
Scala seems to be telling any competitor that two can play the game in the global enterprise market. Employing offense as the best defense, the company is

allow direct entry of part costs  a development environment to allow internal and external IT staff to alter the basic iScala product in order to deliver company-specific functionality where required. The new architecture also means that iScala is ready for web services, and can be made available through any device. Globally Collaborative ERP Software Further, in June, Scala reportedly received praise from customers for possibly the unique multi-language capabilities of its Collaborative ERP software. Scala maintains a single set of Read More
Quote-to-Order (Q2O) Systems
Quote-to-order (Q2O) solutions (sometimes known as configure, price, and quote or CPQ) enable manufacturers to mobilize their mass customization initiatives. These systems can reduce time-consuming...
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Documents related to » allow direct entry of part costs

Deltek Remains the Master of Its Selected Few Domains Part Six: Challenges and User Recommendations
While we believe that the Deltek’s strategy to shore up its current install base and to target new related markets has been sound, one should never discount

allow direct entry of part costs  the future, which may allow them to benefit from considering competitive offerings. Given Deltek offers many different strokes for different folks, many factors will determine the appropriateness of certain Deltek's products. Typically, larger prospects are leaning towards Deltek Enterprise and Deltek Vision while smaller prospects might find that Deltek GCS Premier and Deltek Advantage are better with a more cost-effective fit. If you have a significant part of your business is derived from US federal Read More
State of the Market: HR
More than ever, executives are looking to transform human resources (HR) from a seemingly low-priority function into a strategic part of the business. This

allow direct entry of part costs  integrated administrative tools, which allow us to post multiple job boards in a single instance and apply multiple jobs to one requisition.' Hancock adds, 'For us, the biggest and most impressive win is the full integration of Lawson Talent Management. The suite allows us to do all of our maintenance and employee activities in one spot, without having to repeat those processes. Plus, we are no longer required to have the additional audits and controls we used to have in place to make sure all of our Read More
Solomon Stands the Test of Time Despite Changing Masters Part Three: Product Differentiators
Of all the MBS' products, Solomon is apparently the purest in terms of a standard Microsoft technology stack, and without any proprietary additions. Furthermore

allow direct entry of part costs  back in 2000 to allow secure, browser-based, anytime-anywhere access to all Solomon modules. The e-Commerce Gateway is another module that lets a company transmit and receive paperless electronic documents from business affiliates and partners. The module maps raw EDI data into meaningful Solomon business transactions and verifies the data to be added to its databases. The eVoucher application is used for the entry of AP vouchers and vendor account maintenance, which comes particularly in handy for Read More
GMAC Web-Enables Legacy Data With NEON Systems Shadow Direct
GMAC is pushing for enterprise-wide web enablement of existing IT assets to support customer self-service platforms. NEON Systems’ Shadow Direct product gives

allow direct entry of part costs  will be designed to allow potential customers to compare various coverage options and calculate rate quotes online, without having to consult with a customer sales representative. The benefits of allowing customers to perform common tasks, with less dependency on customer support representatives, are tremendous on both sides of the counter, said Nelson, who anticipates increased sales and reduced costs. Nelson explained the process that led to his company's selection of Shadow Direct. We came to the Read More
Forecasting Total Cost of Ownership for Initial Deployments of Server Blades
For organizations deploying many servers, total cost of ownership (TCO) analyses favor blade over rack-optimized systems. Blade server systems—reducing both

allow direct entry of part costs   Read More
Eco-mode: Benefits and Risks of Energy-saving Modes of UPS Operation
Many newer uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems have an energy-saving operating mode known as “eco-mode” or by some other descriptor. Nevertheless

allow direct entry of part costs  DCIM, data center, data center infrastructure management, DCIM management, DCIM software, DCIM software tools, IT, IT infrastructure, APC by Schneider Electric, data center cooling system, data center PUE, PUE, UPS system, uninterruptible power supplies Read More
Analysis of Active Voice's Acquisition of PhoneSoft, Inc.
Active Voice will integrate all of PhoneSoft's functionality into their existing

allow direct entry of part costs  voicemail,faxing,voice mail,business telephone,notes 8.5,unified messaging,virtual phone,800 service,domino server,phone answering system,domino notes,digital phone system,virtual pbx,free voicemail,telephone answering service Read More
Understanding the Costs of Email Security
The three main cost factors associated with e-mail filtering solutions are solution costs, operating costs, and productivity losses. This paper aims to help the

allow direct entry of part costs  email filtering solutions, email security, Vircom Read More
AKG of America
AKG of America needed an open system based on industry standards, and one that was packaged, not custom developed. AKG also needed a system with enough

allow direct entry of part costs  infor visual, infor ERP, visual south, MRP, material requirements planning Read More
Infor’s Acquisition of PeopleAnswers Foregrounds Big Data Behavioral Analysis of Employees
Infor has announced the acquisition of PeopleAnswers, a company specializing in predictive talent analytics. PeopleAnswers’ application maps the behavioral DNA

allow direct entry of part costs   Read More
Fear of the Unknown, the Art of War, and Competitiveness
It is not unusual to use the metaphor of war to construct theories of business competition—substituting competing vendors for the mortal enemy. But what about

allow direct entry of part costs  manner, these software applications allow decision makers to access information from any of the company's departments in real time, with the possibility even of generating all types of fundamental reports for decision making, and of allowing direct communication between the different production processes. Thus, for example, accounting and finances can have access to the different inventories within the production process, and to make real-time observations of the state of all the factors of their process� Read More
WorkWise's eWarehouse provides Groschopp with added control of the entire life cycle of its inventory
Groschopp initially purchased TCM in 1994 and subsequently expanded its usage to over 40 TCM licensed users and 12 data collection users. Groschopp has

allow direct entry of part costs   Read More
Development of an Internet Payment Processing System
This article describes the author's experience with the development of the first Yugoslav Internet payment processing system. The system's architecture is very

allow direct entry of part costs  and access logs that allow detection and tracking of attackers on the system. Merchants who use the first type of e-commerce applications are initiated by simply entering information about them in the system database. Since these businesses do not need necessarily a web site, no further development is required. To facilitate the development of the second type of e-commerce applications, developers are given a template HTML form that contains HTTP payment parameters that are passed from the final bill on Read More

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