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Selecting a PLM Vendor
PLM enterprise applications should not be selected in a vacuum. The needs and requirements of multiple departments and even business partners must be

que es un plm  that integration may be queen, significant value should be placed on integration, including semantic and conceptual alignment. For more information on the relative value of innovation versus integration, see Can ERP Speak PLM? When evaluating the applicability of a PLM solution, it is crucial to define the problems to be addressed in advance. Depending on the needs to be addressed by the PLM solution, industry may play a critical role. As a general rule, the closer the PLM solution gets to the design Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » que es un plm

Two Origins, One Destination? A Look at the Two Main Genres of PLM Solution from the Integration Standpoint
There are two major genres of PLM solution: CAD-PLM and ERP-PLM. These two types have different integration capabilities, but the gap between them is shrinking

que es un plm  process, but also by consequent processes such as production, marketing, sales, and other services. Meanwhile, data from production, marketing, sales, and other services are valuable inputs for decision making during the design and development phases. However, due to the fact that during the early days of development, CAD and enterprise systems were developed in significant ignorance of each other, the gap became an obstacle when people started to realize the benefit of having an integrated environment Read More
Product Note: NGC's Fashion PLM and Sourcing Solutions
NGC e-PLM and e-SPS are NGC’s offerings in product lifecycle management and sourcing for the fashion industry. This product note analyzes the strengths and

que es un plm  on the fashion PLM requests for information (RFIs) (a document TEC uses to collect solutions' functional capabilities and technology features in very fine granularity) we have received from various fashion PLM vendors, NGC's solutions score well above the average. Solution architecture : Some fundamental functionalities (such as workflow and event management, collaboration, and exception management) are structured in such a way that e-PLM, e-SPS, and even NGC's other solutions can share them across the Read More
The PLM Program An Incremental Approach to the Strategic Value of PLM
Companies that took an early adopter approach to PLM are beginning to show significant reductions in new product introduction lead times and to benefit from

que es un plm  series of highly valuable, sequenced projects of reasonable scope that provide incremental returns within a short period of time. When viewed as a whole, these projects form a strategic program that will provide the company with highly strategic benefits, while at the same time allowing it to initiate the program with incremental small investments and with minimal risk. Individual projects within the PLM Program should be prioritized and sequenced based on the project's ability to provide tangible Read More
PLM for the Retail Industry
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Retail is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities

que es un plm   Read More
What Does the “P” in PLM Really Mean?
What does the “P” in PLM really mean? The question seems ambiguous since PLM may refer to many different things (such as an airport, a university, a railway

que es un plm  PLM really mean? The question seems ambiguous since PLM may refer to many different things (such as an airport, a university, a railway company, etc.). Okay, so let me clarify what I mean. The PLM I’m talking about here is product lifecycle management . Now, the answer seems quite simple. However, my purpose is not to trick you with this silly question, but to explore the true meaning of “product” under the PLM setting. So, what is a product in the light of product lifecycle management? To answer Read More
The Blurry Line between ERP and PLM in Engineer-to-order (ETO) Manufacturing
Engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing needs a high level of integration between ERP and PLM systems. This article points out that ERP and PLM solutions are

que es un plm  requirements; design modifications are requested by the shop floor; or issues on the supplier's side result in using alternative parts). Quite often, a change initiated in one system (either ERP or PLM) will have a consequence in the other. For ETO manufacturers, the capability of efficiently capturing change requests and implementing change actions throughout the entire value chain (customer, manufacturer, and supplier) in a synchronized manner is one of the key success factors. Reducing Rework and Read More
Imperial Leverages Lectra Fashion PLM
Imperial, a global provider of menswear and womenswear, leverages Lectra Fashion PLM to streamline its product development process and support its worldwide

que es un plm  Industry watch, plm, cad, lectra, fashion, retail, manufacturing Read More
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Selects Aras PLM
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (KHI) has selected Aras as its enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. KHI will leverage Aras Innovator as a

que es un plm  changes and accommodate the unique processes used by the many different business units. Aras is expected to enable KHI’s commitment to sharing technological innovations across its multiple business units to maintain competitive advantage around the world.   This is the first time Aras has been selected as a corporate PLM standard across all businesses (typically it is used as a departmental PLM solution). It was reportedly a head-to-head win against Siemens Teamcenter . Currently, KWI has multiple PLM Read More
Lectra Fashion PLM: PLM for the Fashion Industry Competitor Analysis Report
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Fashion is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of

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Can ERP Speak PLM?
Because product lifecycle management (PLM) offers a host of benefits to manufacturers, it has become one of the fastest growing categories of enterprise

que es un plm  again. Integration Might Be Queen If innovation is the highest priority, then integration is not far behind. Integrating the business processes and information flow across the enterprise and the supply chain is a key component of enabling PLM. Many of the benefits from a PLM implementation come from better communication between departments and trading partners, and the integration of different people and perspectives on the new product introduction processes. An enterprise-level view of the design Read More
PLM for the Fashion Industry Software Evaluation Report
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Fashion is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of

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Core PLM for Discrete Industries
The foundation of product lifecycle management (PLM) for the discrete manufacturing industries is product data management (PDM). It covers design and product

que es un plm  PLM discrete, product lifecycle management software, plm comparison, compare plm, plm software vendors, PLM for industry, PLM evaluation, top plm software, product lifecycle software Read More
Siemens PLM Software Releases LMS Imagine.Lab Rev13
LMS, a business segment within Siemens PLM Software, announced the latest release of its LMS Imagine.Lab software, the state-of-the-art platform for mechatronic

que es un plm  industry-watch, digital-manufacturing, plm, cad, cae, siemens-plm-software, lms, mechatronics, simulation, system-engineering Read More
PLM Is An Industry Affair - Or Is It?
The question, 'Do vertical industry needs play a significant role in a PLM software selection?' should be a simple question to answer. Instead, it is a

que es un plm  Often it's the simplest questions that have the most complicated answers. What appears to be a simple question, Does industry matter when looking for a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution? leads to an interesting discussion instead of a simple answer. If you are looking for the short answer, the answer is Absolutely yes! But the answer is also Probably not. The correct answer to whether vertical industry needs should play a significant role in a PLM software selection should not be answered Read More

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